This Guy Turned A Nerf Gun Into A Potentially Deadly Weapon And, Don’t Do This, People

Look, I don’t care what you do with your free time, but I can tell you that a video like this won’t sit over well with a lot of people. German slingshot badass Joerg Sprave has one of the most badass channels on YouTube. He weaponizes mundane things like Coke bottles and turns them into an arrow gatling gun.

His latest video, though, is going to ruffle some feathers. He showed how easy it is turn a Nerf gun into a weapon with a pack of razor blades and some slight modifications. It’s pretty alarming, which is why it’s going to piss people off. The result of what the Nerf-blades can do is terrifying.

Please don’t get Nerf guns banned from us, Joerg. At least not until the Khaos Blaster comes out….


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