Everything A Dad Needs To Know About Taking Care Of Kids Is In This One Book And It’s Only $9

by 11 months ago


Take it from a guy with 32 kids (and some that might be mine) — being a dad isn’t easy. It’s rewarding at moments but overall it’s a job. A legit job. And the worst part about the job is you’re constantly learning.

There’s now help to make the learning easier and a little more entertaining — it’s The New Dad Dictionary. Written by BroBible alum Chris Illuminati, The New Dad Dictionary is parenting terms put into layman’s terms.

Cluster feedings, cradle cap, meconium, jaundice and every other term that sounds like a monster from Game of Thrones, The New Dad Dictionary breaks it all down and explains that none of it is really that hard to comprehend.

Here’s a sample from the book where Chris discusses “push presents”.

The New Dad Dictionary Excerpt

Now you know, though you probably wish you didn’t.

Grab a copy of The New Dad Dictionary for just $9. It makes a great Father’s Day gift or to hang onto “just in case.”


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