Meet Your New Favorite Drinking Game: Power Hour Tower

by 10 months ago

Power Hour Tower Drinking Game

Oh, drinking games… America’s foggy-remembered past time. From classics like flip cup and beer pong to newer games like Heads Up, drinking and fun competition will always be paired together like tequila and lime.

Finally, a new game is on the horizon… a game that requires alcohol consumption, a steady hand, and a thirst for fun. Introducing, the Power Hour Tower Drinking Game.

Power Hour Tower Drinking Game

How to play Power Hour Tower:

Players sit around the tower with their drink of choice and many additional drinks nearby. Using only one hand, the first player pulls a piece from anywhere on the tower (excluding the top 3 rows) and initiates the task or game on the bottom of the block.
Once completed, the player places the block on top of the tower face down. It’s now the player to their right’s turn. Continue around the circle until the tower collapses or someone has a meltdown. The player who causes the tower to collapse needs to take a shot.
And don’t worry: you’ll get a rule sheet in the box explaining everything.

If jenga got hammered drunk, called all of its friends, opened a keg, and had the best night of its life… it’d be Power Hour Tower. Every single block is its own minigame, task, or challenge and it all works together to keep everyone sippin’ and smilin’.

Right now at Amazon, you can get the Power Hour Tower Drinking Game for just $29.99.

Cheers and play responsibly:



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