The New Jordans Are Pretty Fugly, But Here’s a Video of the Designers Trying to Explain It Anyway

by 6 years ago

Yesterday pics of Nike's new zip-up Jordan kicks began to circulate via ESPN’s Darren Rovell. The immediate reaction on social media was laughable, at best.

The overall design looks like a tactical diving scuba sock for a frogman. The zip-up cover looks like a waterproof shoe condoms. The interior is neon yellow, because, well, everything needs to be neon yellow these days to capture a teenager's attention these days.

In a video, the shoe's designer, Tinker Hatfield, claimed he wanted to push the boundaries with the Jordan XX8, comparing the shoe to a concept car. You know what the best thing about concept cars are? Usually they stay concepts and don't become commercial releases. Tonight Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook will give the shoes their hardwood debut in Brooklyn against the Nets. Will anyone actually buy these monstrosities for $250 when they hit stores sometime in the not-so-distant future? Probably: They say a sucker is born every second.