Leatherman’s New One-Handed Multitools Are The Best In Everyday Carry

all new Leatherman FREE T4 one-handed multitool everyday carry

When you are looking for a new everyday carry pocket knife or multi-tool it is always a balancing act between looking for the best possible craftsmanship and materials without having to spend a fortune. Leatherman was founded 35 years ago in Portland, Oregon and for decades it has set an industry-wide bar for perfection when it comes to multi-tool pocket knives.

I received my first Leatherman as a gift from my parents back when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and in the Cub Scouts and I shit you not, I still have that same Leatherman today sitting in a dresser drawer in my bedroom. The company was founded by Tim Leatherman (in case you ever wondered about the name) and these American tools are perfect for everyday carry.

They’ve just released two new multi-tools, the Leatherman FREE T4 One Handed Multitool ($60) and the FREE T2 One Handed Multitool ($40). That difference in $20 between the two tools is primarily based on the amount of functions and tools hidden within the Leatherman FREE tools (both are one-handed) and I’m personally partial to the more affordable model but I’ll show you all both options and let you judge for yourselves which is the best fit for your life.

First up is the Leatherman FREE T2 One Handed Multitool ($40). The tools found on this one-handed pocket knife multi-tool include a 420HC Knife, Bottle Opener, Awl, Pry Tool, Package Opener, Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, and an Extra-small Screwdriver.

all new Leatherman FREE T4 one-handed multitool everyday carry

all new Leatherman FREE T4 one-handed multitool everyday carry

Compared to previous generations of Leatherman multi-tools the FREE T2 One-Handed Multitool is slimmed-down, has superior use options, and Leatherman says it has endless possibilities.

Now let’s take a look at the Leatherman FREE T4 One Handed Multitool. Like the FREE T2, this one comes in a silver-colored 100% stainless steel. The FREE T4 has 12 unique tools to assist you in your daily life.

These 12 tools include a 420HC Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Pry Tool, Package Opener, Awl, Bottle Opener, Wood/Metal File, Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Small Screwdriver, Extra-small Screwdriver, and Tweezers.

all new Leatherman FREE T4 one-handed multitool everyday carry

all new Leatherman FREE T4 one-handed multitool everyday carry

That’s A LOT of tool options and you can tell that they put some serious thought into these tools because they’re all items you’ll use on a daily basis, not just random items thrown in to take up space. Like the T2, the FREE T4 is slimmed down from previous versions and is built with increased ergonomics so you can use it all day long without putting extra stress on your hands.

At just $40 and $60, these are quite possibly the best value-buys on the market for an everyday carry pocket knife multitool. You’d be hardpressed to find more utility and craftsmanship at a price that low from any other manufacturer out there. If you’re interested in scooping up your new Leatherman today or buying one for someone you know, you can follow any of the links above or the ‘shop now’ button below!


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