Nike Unveiled the New Jordan XX9’s Today


I’m not here to pretend I’m a shoe expert, sneakerhead or an Air Jordan collector (I’ve owned a few pairs, was a huge fan as a kid and let’s not forget who still owns a Space Jam mug — pretty hard to forget considering I’ve reminded you twice today). I’m simply here to relay that the Bros over at FTW just informed the world that these are the Jordan XX9’s, and to also give my personal, unsolicited opinion, because for whatever reason life has given me a soapbox to do so.

Out of these two new Air Jordan’s that Nike just unveiled I’d keep the pair in the photo above and throw the pair in the next photo below in a fucking incinerator. There, I’ve said my piece, if you want to read more about these shoes, FTW went above and beyond in their post.

As for a release date, Nike says these walking machines will be available in September for $225.

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