The Norlan Whiskey Glass Is The Absolute Best Whiskey Drinking Glass On The Planet

Norlan Glass

It’s time to upgrade your whiskey drinking collection with the most expertly designed whiskey glass on the planet, the Norlan Glass. Whiskey, much like wine, needs to come in contact with oxygen in order to truly unlock the flavors within. The material of the glass you drink whiskey out of is also supposed to have a pretty significant effect (Glass vs Crystal vs Metal vs Plastic, etc).

The Norlan Glass is said to be one of the most expertly designed whiskey glasses ever built. All aspects of this glass are designed to extract as much flavor out of the whiskey as possible, and whiskey aficionados all across the world have been going nuts for the Norlan Glass since it debuted.

Norlan Glass

Norlan Glass

The Norlan Glass (set of 2) enhances aromas and flavors. The inner bowl of the Norlan Glass is scientifically proven to improve those tastes and aromas. The outer wall of this glass is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and the concave lip makes for easy pouring and zero spillage. This Norlan Glass set comes with 2 glasses and if you’re not sold yet here’s a quick clip which shows how it all works;

If you’re ready to pick up a set of 2 of the best whiskey drinking glasses ever built then just follow that link below!!!!


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