Huckberry Pick Of The Day: Opinel No. 8 Walnut Pocket Knife + Sharpening Stone

Opinel No. 8 walnut pocket knife

In today’s ‘Huckberry Pick of the Day’ we’re looking at one of the most timeless pocket knives ever built. Opinel is a French knife manufacturer who has been making their iconic wooden knives since 1890, across multiple centuries and world wars. Their designs have endured because the Opinel No. 8 knife is extremely lightweight, sharp, and durable.

My parents gave me my first Opinel No. 8 knife all the way back when I was in the Cub Scouts. That’s how long I’ve been a fan of these knives. This model is made with a Walnut wood handle. The blade is constructed out of 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel. It also features Opinel’s patented Vibrobloc Locking System to ensure safe use.

This kit comes with a sharpening stone from Lombardi, Italy so you can ensure that your everyday carry pocket knife always stays sharp. This is a monster deal when you consider that the pocket knife + sharpening stone together only cost $29!

Opinel No. 8 walnut pocket knife

Opinel No. 8 walnut pocket knife

Ready to pick up your new favorite pocket knife? Just follow the link below!


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