Pancakes Or Waffles: Never Be Forced To Pick Again

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The PanWaffle pan was invented by Luke Zeutzius because growing up, he absolutely loved waffles but his brother had a strong, passionate preference for pancakes. Thus, they spent most morning fighting and begging their mother to make their preferred breakfast treat. So, as Luke grew up, he decided the whole family should be happy without having to flip pancakes and manage the waffle iron. Alas, the PanWaffle was created.

The PanWaffle Pan is a light, non-stick, PFOA-free stovetop pan that makes the perfect combination of waffle and pancake. The pan even comes apart for easy, two-piece dishwasher-safe cleaning. Plus, it works on any stovetop and was engineered to evenly distribute heat for the perfect PanWaffle – every single time.

panwaffle pancake waffle

I won’t lie, my initial reaction to the PanWaffle was just confusion – I couldn’t decide how I felt about these hybrid breakfast treats. On one hand, it’s the best of both worlds and means I don’t have to choose between two very delicious items. On the other hand, it almost seems sacrilegious to Frankenstein such tasty breakfast items. But after some time, I decide I’m fully on board with the PanWaffle – it starts as a pancake and ends as a waffle. I do wonder how it would affect my syrup strategy, though.

Ready to end the great breakfast debate? Order the PanWaffle Pan today for just $39.95.

Enjoy some Belgian Flapjacks:



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