Party Tanks, Marcus Mariota’s Million Dollar Nashville Penthouse, And 8 More Things We Want This Week

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This week’s gear guide for men truly runs the gamut of everything a bro might want or need in his life. From some of the sickest party tanks ever made to Marcus Mariota’s new $1.05M penthouse in downtown Nashville we’ve got all sorts of gear this week! There’s also some outrageous deals in this week’s ‘Things We Want’, with many items being sold at 50% off, so get ’em while they’re hot!

If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at Cass @ Brobible dot com. And for those of you looking to have us test out products to be featured here you can contact me via that email for our mailing address.

On most of the items if you’re interested in buying one for yourself you can click the link in the description and it’ll take you to the product page.

The ABROham Lincoln (10% Off With Promo Code “BROBIBLE” At Checkout)



The ABROham Lincoln is without question one of the hottest shirts to ever exist. I don’t even know why I’m bothering explaining how glorious the ABROham Lincoln is, because you can see it with your own eyes. Stop what you’re doing, follow that link down below (or above), and make sure to use promo code “BROBIBLE” for 10% off you ENTIRE ORDER from ‘By Bros For Bros’…after all that’s done come back here and thank me down below in the comments for turning you onto the hottest apparel you’ve ever owned.

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BottleKeeper: The Best Way To Keep Your Beer Ice Cold And Hidden In Public (Buy NOW, Get Free Bottle Opener)



If you buy a BottleKeeper today (the BEST koozie ever invented) make sure to add a BottleKeeper Bottle Opener to your cart before checkout AND use promo code “BROBIBLE” for a FREE bottle opener!

Need a koozie that’ll keep your beer bottle colder than a poler bear’s toenails?
The BottleKeeper will do that.
Need a koozie that’ll keep your beer bottles hidden in public?
The BottleKeeper will do that.
Need a strong koozie that’ll protect your glass beer bottles from breaking?
The BottleKeeper will do that.

The BottleKeeper is THE ULTIMATE BEER BOTTLE KOOZIE, as it both keeps your beer ICE COLD by insulating it, and it keeps that bottle intact so that it never breaks if you drop it. Or rather, I should say that instead of the ‘ultimate beer bottle koozie’ the BottleKeeper is the death of the traditional koozie, because with the Bottle Keeper on the market there’s no reason to EVER use an old koozie. All that AND when you’re drinking in public out of a bottle koozie everyone knows what you’re drinking. With the BottleKeeper your beer is hidden, and it just looks like you’re sipping out of a regular ol’ thermos.

Buy Here!

Country Pride Rally Flip Cap (10% Off With Promo Code “BROBIBLE” At Checkout)



Same deal as with the ABROham Lincoln: make sure to use promo code “BROBIBLE” for 10% off your ENTIRE ORDER from ‘By Bros For Bros’ and get ready to own the sickest apparel on the market. I’m not saying that wearing this hat is guaranteed to get you laid, but I’m also not saying that wearing this hat isn’t guaranteed to get you laid.

FOLLOW THAT LINK BELOW RIGHT NOW and use promo code “BROBIBLE” for 10% off your ENTIRE ORDER from ‘By Bros For Bros’!!

Buy Here!

The Cobra Pack From Booq Bags


Booq Bags

I’m not usually the type of bro to get ridiculously excited over a bag/backpack, but I recently got my hands on the Cobra Pack from Booq Bags and HOLY $H*T! For years I’ve loved my Jansport and Level8 backpacks for daily use, I’ve had no reason to change. Until recently someone asked me if I’d be interested in checking out the Cobra Pack and I figured ‘why not?’

Ever since this bag showed up on my desk last Monday I’ve been hooked. Now I’ve been rocking the Jansport I mentioned before since 1995 (true story), so durability is VERY important to me when it comes to a backpack. From the moment I picked up the Cobra Pack I WAS HOOKED. Every inch of this amazing bag feels as if it could last a year in the jungle, yet it has the luxurious smell of leather that you only get from the finest products on the market. Other features (from the product listing) include the following:

Main compartment features two open pockets, slip pocket, zippered mesh window pocket, and a flash of booq’s trademark copper color for added style.
Highly protective laptop compartment with water-resistant zipper stores a 15-17” laptop and is lined with soft fabric so it won’t scratch your gear.
Rugged, ballistic nylon exterior with waterproof coating offers two side pockets, a front pocket, and an additional back pocket for a tablet.
Ergonomically designed shoulder strap system provides three adjustment points and features two pockets for quick access to a smartphone or music player.
Airmesh back padding allows heat to scape and offers comfort to the carrier.
Terralinq™ tag helps reunite you with your lost bag.


Booq Bags

I’m serious bros, if you’re in the market for a new backpack that will last you for a long time AND is one of the classiest backpacks on the market then you MUST consider the Cobra Pack from Booq Bags. For more details I HIGHLY SUGGEST you follow that link down below!

Buy Here!

1670 Blur From Kershaw Knives

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kershaw Knives make some of the finest blades in the world, and dollar-for-dollar they are the best knives on the market. These Made in the USA knives are perfect for a camping trip or to keep in your pocket or truck as an every day carry knife. Something of note: the 3.4 inch blade on the 1670 Blur from Kershaw may not be 100% legal depending upon the zip code you live in (I’m looking at you, parts of NYC), so make sure and confirm this knife is legal in your area before purchasing!

Buy Here!

The Timex ‘Weekender’ — Every Bro’s Every Day Watch



The Timex ‘Weekender’ is the ONE WATCH every bro should own. For only $27 bucks this watch can be dressed up or down by purchasing any number of bands. You can go with a solid color for every day wear, a patterned (pictured above) if you’re looking to mix it up, or you can add a leather band if you want to dress up the watch some.

Maybe you’re thinking about getting into the ‘watch game’ but aren’t sure where to start? Well, this watch is 100% the place to begin, because it’s a very reasonably priced way to test whether or not you’d actually wear a watch daily. With a price tag of under $30 you’re not going to find a watch as versatile as this one. BUY IT NOW by following the link below!!!

Buy Here!

Leatherman Brewzer Multi-Tool



The Leatherman Brewzer multi-tool is a key-chain accessory every bro needs to own. In fact, it’s borderline criminal if you don’t own this tool, because it’ll be the most useful item on your keyring. At $9.75 on Amazon, it’ll be the most trustworthy bottle opener you’ll ever own. With the trusted 25-year warranty from Leatherman, this is the bottle opener you need in your life for tailgating, boat days, frat parties, and anything in between.

Buy Here!

Marcus Mariota’s New $1.05M Nashville Penthouse


There’s literally not a single thing to dislike about Nashville, or Marcus Mariota. As an FSU alum and fan I have just as much reason as any human being alive to hate Marcus after he and the Ducks decimated my Seminoles the NIGHT BEFORE MY WEDDING…but I got over it, because Marcus is a class act.

As he settles into his role as the future franchise quarterback of the Tennessee Titans he’s beginning to toss around a little bit of his new NFL contract, most recently buying this $1.05M penthouse in downtown Nashville. So what does $1.05 million buy you in Nashville? You can follow that tweet above to check out pics of Marcus’ new 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1,890 square foot penthouse.

Pics Here!

1 X Double Beer Bong Bottle Funnel – Chug Two Drinks at Once!



I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve probably seen (and used) as many beer bongs as any human being alive. I’ve always been a huge fan of funneling beers because it’s something I’m incredibly good at, and I love stroking my own ego. Up until recently though I’d never seen this portable 2 beer device that’s perfect for any bro traveling, or to just toss in the cooler and save it for a rainy day.

Buy Here!

The Sperry Top-Sider ‘Striper’ The Chillest Sneaker In Your Arsenal



I assume that each and every one of you bros reading this right now already own a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, so that’s not what I’m here to focus on today. That shoe you see above is another casual shoe from Sperry Top-Sider’s flagship line, one that’s not leather and can therefore be worn with a greater variety of outfits.

Much like its boat shoe brethren, the ‘Striper’ from Sperry can be worn without socks (or laces), but it can also be worn with just about anything else in your wardrobe aside from suits.

Buy Here!

Well bros, that concludes another week of ‘Things We Want’. You can click here for last week’s ‘Gear Guide For Bros‘, and if you see anything above you think you need in your life don’t hesitate to click on through and purchase.

For any of you entrepreneurs or PR folks out there who want to see your product or items featured in the ‘Things We Want This Week’ roundup you can email me at, or find me on Twitter HERE, or reach out at that email or Twitter for a mailing address.

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