Pornhub’s Launched A Line Of Streetwear So Now It’s Easier For You To Broadcast In Public How Much Porn You Watch

by 3 years ago

Pornhub Apparel

Not only has the adult video website Pornhub gotten into the streetwear game today with the launch of a new e-commerce site: Pornhub Apparel. They’re also running a pop-up shop at Crif Dogs tomorrow (9/10/15) in NYC (the St. Marks location) from 9 to 5 featuring pieces from the new ‘NYC Capsule Collection’ streetwear line that’s a collaboration with local graffiti artists.

I know what you bros are thinking: ‘THANK MY LUCKY STARS AND STRIPES! I can now broadcast in public just how much porn I watch on a daily basis by wearing Pornhub streetwear!!!‘ But this is much, much more than that. Some of these NYC Capsule Collection designs are pretty sick, and I’m willing to bet 5/6ths of you bros would wear these anywhere, including a dinner to meet your GF’s family.

Here are a few items from the new NYC Capsule Collection, the debut line from Pornhub’s new apparel site: Pornhub Apparel.


Pornhub Apparel


Pornhub Apparel


Pornhub Apparel


Pornhub Apparel

If you’re located in NYC here’s the information on tomorrow’s pop up shop: Pornhub Apparel Pop-Up Shop being hosted on September 10 from 9:00 AM (EST) – 5:00 PM (EST) at Crif Dogs on the LES (113 St. Marks Pl). Also, if you’re in NYC we should probably grab beers sometime so you can tell me what you’d like to see me post more of here on BroBible, because I’m always down to shotgun some tallboys with our readers.

Here’s the press release on Pornhub’s foray into streetwear, apparel, and e-commerce:

The Pornhub Pop-Up Shop will open to the general public on 9/10 – during 2015 New York Fashion Week – from Noon (EST) to 5:00 PM (EST), where pieces from the new line will be available for purchase by visitors at a discounted promotional rate, with free shirts going to the first 100 people who show up. The shop will also have a guest appearance from Pornhub’s own social media darling, Pornhub Aria, who will be helping to curate the event and provide attendees with the ‘Hub’s own custom created hot dogs courtesy of the Crif Dogs crew.
The all-new clothing line, known as the Pornhub NYC Capsule Collection, will be made up of exclusively designed crew necks, hoodies, hats and t-shirts featuring concepts from four acclaimed New York-based graffiti artists and designers hailing from all corners of the Big Apple. Bronx-based Ces and Cope2 each contributed designs exuding the very essence of the Bronx tagging scene, evoking new age art form with ‘Beat Street’ era grittiness, while artists Kalen Hollomon, and Baron Von Fancy bring a more refined, high concept style to proceedings with their own subversive designs aimed at evoking their signature artistic trademarks. Hollomon was most recently commissioned to create the album art for The Weeknd’s newest album, Beauty Behind the Madness.
“We’re super psyched to be making our first foray into the world of fashion and street wear,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “Each of the four individuals we’ve collaborated with on the design front to make this happen are insanely talented and add their own flavor to every component of the collection, thus giving us utmost confidence in sharing our new line with those that attend our upcoming pop-up shop, as well as the world at large via the launch of Pornhub Apparel.”

To check out the new Pornhub Apparel streetwear + limited time offerings follow the link before they all sell out!!


Pornhub Apparel