Pornhub’s Launched A Line Of Streetwear So Now It’s Easier For You To Broadcast In Public How Much Porn You Watch

by 4 years ago

Pornhub Apparel

Not only has the adult video website Pornhub gotten into the streetwear game today with the launch of a new e-commerce site: Pornhub Apparel. They’re also running a pop-up shop at Crif Dogs tomorrow (9/10/15) in NYC (the St. Marks location) from 9 to 5 featuring pieces from the new ‘NYC Capsule Collection’ streetwear line that’s a collaboration with local graffiti artists.

I know what you bros are thinking: ‘THANK MY LUCKY STARS AND STRIPES! I can now broadcast in public just how much porn I watch on a daily basis by wearing Pornhub streetwear!!!‘ But this is much, much more than that. Some of these NYC Capsule Collection designs are pretty sick, and I’m willing to bet 5/6ths of you bros would wear these anywhere, including a dinner to meet your GF’s family.

Here are a few items from the new NYC Capsule Collection, the debut line from Pornhub’s new apparel site: Pornhub Apparel.


Pornhub Apparel


Pornhub Apparel