Life Goals: Buy This Amazing $39,900 ‘Portable Cabin’ And Just Live The Dream, Bros


I like the idea of an escape. There’s no particular rhyme or reason for it other than the fact that I like seclusion and solitude. I read Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire wayyyyy too many times when I was 20 and decided, “Man… this dude knows a few things about how to live.”

Now that I’m older and live in the most densely populated neighborhood of America’s most densely populated city, I think about escape even more often. What would it be like to just sell everything, buy a VW Vanagon and just live? Where? — No particular place. Everywhere. Just roaming and chillin’ and chopping firewood and cooking fresh fish and grouse in an iron skillet for dinner. That’s the life, man.

Yet, who wants to give up modern creature comforts? I need Wifi and ESPN and running water for a fresh shower. It’s a very 2016 dilemma for nomadic life — I still want to be a stand-up member of society and not a custie wook. Which is why something like the “Vista” is perfect for a wandering soul like me.

The 160-square-foot “portable cabin” attaches to a truck or camper. According to HuffPo, it boasts cedar walls, insulated floors, a “bedroom,” a bathroom with a shower and toilet. A big feature of the 20-foot long “portable cabin” is that all the windows that make it look like it’s not just another generic Cruise America RV. Cost: $39,000. That’s A LOT cheaper than a vacation home in the Hamptons. Or the Catskills. Or, hell, even the Poconos.

Read the whole spec sheet here. This thing would be a gamechanger at music festivals and Phish shows. I must have it.






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