Product Review: INDi Custom Made Jeans

by 7 years ago

When INDi approached us asking to test their product we were skeptical. Building jeans online seemed like too much work. However, it was refreshingly quite the opposite. If you have a tape measure (what guy doesn't?), already own a pair of jeans or pants that are your ideal fit, and have a clue as to the kind of cut you prefer, you can go from step one to checkout in under ten minutes.

Speaking of preferred cuts and other bells and whistles, INDi offers slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans for men with ten fabrics to choose from and the option of classic or relaxed fit in both straight leg and boot cut. They also allow you too choose button or zip fly, stitching color, pocket shape, and what kind of pocket stitching you want, if any at all. Lastly, INDi has a new feature on the horizon that'll allow guys to get a little extra room on the side where their manhood hangs. No more suffocating for Bro Jackson Jr.

I liked the product that was delivered, the jeans fit great, and the overall experience wasn't terribly painstaking. But this wouldn't be a truthful review without mentioning the downsides, the largest of which would have to be that the jeans take about a month to go from order to your doorstep. Quite the lengthy wait for a article of clothing. Although, if you're unhappy with your purchase or the way they fit, INDi will gladly rebuild your jeans for you free of charge. Of course that means an even longer wait to receive your new jeans.

In the end, I was a fan of the jeans but if that isn't a winning enough endorsement, the Chicago Bulls' Brian Scalabrine even wears them:

“I’m 6’9”, so finding jeans that are cool and fit great hasn’t always been easy. But last spring I found INDi, and ordered my first pair of custom jeans. Now I own several – they fit great, re-ordering is piece of cake, and I look damn good in ‘em.”

Customize your own pair of INDi jeans today.