Radius Keeps Mosquitoes Away Without Having To Drench Yourself In Bug Spray (Or Spray Anything At All)

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Mosquitoes can ruin even the most perfect of sunny, warm days but having to bath in bug repellent spray can be just as unpleasant. Whether hiking and camping or just enjoying your back deck and yard, the decision between nagging mosquitoes vs annoying bug spray is a lose-lose situation. Thankfully, Radius is here to fix the problem.

Radius is the ultimate solution for keeping any area mosquito free and it’s 100% spray-free. Radius creates a 110 square-foot zone of protection, where mosquitoes won’t both you and you don’t need to lather-up with chemical repellent.

radius keep mosquitoes away without spray



radius mosquito blocker

Radius‘ lithium-ion battery powers an internal heating system. Once heated, Radius activates and disperses repellent to create an invisible protection zone. This zone keeps mosquitoes from entering your selected outdoor area, which Radius continuously protects by the ongoing release of its invisible repellent.

Radius uses some badass, nature-inspired technology to keep you mosquito free:

A key breakthrough behind Radius’ effectiveness is its repellent formulation. Radius uses an EPA-approved pyrethroid active ingredient. Pyrethroids are based on a naturally occurring repellent found in the chrysanthemum flower. This natural repellent from the chrysanthemum flower has been used to fight insects for millennia – dating back to ancient Egyptian times.

Radius uses an advanced pyrethroid that is highly effective, scent-free and is activated at a low temperature. This enables Radius to create and maintain the zone of protection using lithium-ion battery power. Unlike other area repellents that require intense heat from combustion for activation and dispersion, no flame is required, eliminating the use of candles and liquid fuels.



Using Radius is super easy, any idiot could have it working in minutes. Not to be cliche but using Radius is genuinely as easy as 1-2-3.


Just like that, you’re protected from nagging mosquitoes.

Radius launched on Kickstarter in mid-December and was fully funded in just THREE DAYS. Now they’ve added more perks and packages but you only have about 60 hours left to order you Radius for 20% off! 

The Radius starter pack (Radius repeller, 12-hour refill, and USB charger) will only cost you $40, 20% lower than the expected retail price.

Learn more about Radius and pre-order yours today:



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