5 Random Camping Accessories That Will Make Your Next Outdoors Trip A Little Better

random useful camping accessories

Late Summer through Early Winter is my favorite time of the year to go camping. I prefer a little chill on my trips so this time of year is perfect for me with the weather getting better every day. I thought I’d throw together a few random camping gear accessories for you gentlemen to check out so let’s dive into it.

The CGear Original Sand-Free Mat is made with staggered layers of precisely engineered polyethylene to ensure that it’s a 100% sand free zone. This item’s also on sale! The Adler 15″ Custom Yankee Hatchet is a cool collaboration between Adler and Huckberry that is designed to be an all-purpose tool. The blade’s made out of an impressively durable C45 steel and the handle is carved and shaped from American-sourced hickory wood.

The Portable Solar-charged Light is also on sale today. It will give you 50-hours or runtime on a single charge and has three light modes to choose from. It’s easy to hang in your tent or prop up on the ground. The Kupilka ‘Firesteel 8’ Firestarter is a brilliant compact fire-starting kit that produces sparks at 3000 ̊ C so you can get a fire roaring in no time. And the Nemo Equipment Fillo Camping Pillow will ensure you’re never sleeping with your head on the ground.

Let’s check out today’s items once more:

random useful camping accessories

[1] CGear Original Sand-Free Mat (SALE) [$68]

[2] Adler 15″ Custom Yankee Hatchet (SALE) [$96]

[3] Portable Solar-charged Light (SALE) [$19]

[4] Kupilka ‘Firesteel 8’ Firestarter [$21]

[5] Nemo Equipment Fillo Camping Pillow [$40]

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