Retail Therapy: 5 Random Things You Can Treat Yourself To Right Now

retail therapy 5 random things we want

I can’t really explain it, but every so often I get an itch that can’t be scratched unless I treat myself to something new. If any of you gentlemen are in need of this particular type of Retail Therapy than here are some random items to help smooth you over.

Looking for a badass way to store booze on your home bar? Look no further than the Bluegrass Barrels 2 Liter Mini Barrel. This is an authentic replica of large Bourbon barrels used by distillers here in America and it’s crafted out of American White Oak without the use of any nails or glue so you can age spirits of your choosing or drink straight out of the barrel.

The Karesuando Unna Aksu Arctic Hunting Axe is made north of the Arctic circle and it’s oen of the most gorgeous hatchets you’ll find. It is handmade in Sweden and comes with a robust 10-year warranty. The Eva Solo Fireglobe Fireplace is a Scandinavian-designed outdoor fireplace that really lets you see the fire while also distributing the heat in a much more useful way. It’s easy to transport so you can bring it in and outside whenever as well as to the campground and tailgate.

The CGear Sandlite Sand-Free Mat is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to never sit on a sandy beach towel again. This over-sized mat is perfect for beach days, picnics, and camping. The staggered layers of precisely engineered polyester drive away the sand to keep you happy. The brilliant CGear Sand-Free Compact Outdoor Chair is perfect for camping, tailgating, and beach days if you want to keep that pesky sand away. Anyone who has ever tried to sleep in a camping tent with sand on the bottom knows that this one of the most miserable experiences on the planet. This custom fabric wicks away sand, dirt, and water.

retail therapy 5 random things we want

[1] Bluegrass Barrels 2 Liter Mini Barrel [$65]

[2] Karesuando Unna Aksu Arctic Hunting Axe [$214]

[3] Eva Solo Fireglobe Fireplace [$399]

[4] CGear Sandlite Sand-Free Mat [$39]

[5] CGear Sand-Free Compact Outdoor Chair [$49]

retail therapy 5 random things we want

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