REVO’s Party Barge Is The Ultimate Accessory For Parties And Tailgates

party barge revo

REVO’s Party Barge is a premium, multi-use compartmentalized beverage tub with a customizable tray design. Basically, it’s the Rolls Royce of party trays.

The Party Barge uses the same insulation materials as high-end, premium cooler manufacturers to create individual compartments for keeping preferred temperatures. So, more ice stays frozen and more food stays hot. Plus, thanks to the Party Barge’s pressure injected foam insulation design, condensation is no longer an issue.

beverage tub ice bucket food display

The Party Barge was designed to feel like you have a vending machine on ice. With a length of 44 inches, the Party Barge comfortably holds up to 39 beers or 18 bottles of wine.

With multiple tray compartments, the Party Barge has countless combinations and endless uses. Check out some different uses of the Party Barge:

revo party barge open bar

Open Bar

revo party barge tailgating


revo party barge vodka bar

Vodka Bar

revo party barge seafood bar

Seafood Bar

revo party barge movie night

Movie Night

revo party barge cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo


REVO launched the Party Barge on Kickstarter in mid-December, reaching full funding ($15,000) by January 5th. Now, the Party Barge has raised over $27,000 and introduced new colors and team decal models.

revo party barge ncaa teams

With funding in place and Party Barges nearly ready to ship, now is the time to jump on board. Right now you can get a Party Barge for $119 ($80 off retail price) by pledging on Kickstarter.

Call the crew and order the REVO Party Barge today:



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