This High-Performance Telescoping ‘First Cast Fly Rod’ Is A Perfect Travel Rod For Catching Fish Anywhere Anytime

Fishing Rod Rey Gear First Cast Fly Rod

One of the most time-consuming tasks with fly fishing is how long it takes to set up your gear. It takes, on average, between 5 and 15 minutes to set up a traditional fly rod. The ones that take longer (like my G.Loomis travel rod) have lots of parts that need to be precisely lined up.

If you’re fly fishing from a boat this isn’t always an issue because you can rig up the gear ahead of time but fly rods are long and you can’t just assemble one and toss it in the car. That’s what makes the REYR Gear ‘First Cast Fly Rod’ so brilliant, it only takes 30 seconds to set up and start casting compared to 5-to-15 minutes of normal rods.

Fishing Rod Rey Gear First Cast Fly Rod

The goal in the creation of the REYR Gear First Cast Fly Rod was to bridge the minimalist design of Tenkara rods that have taken off in recent years with the traditional design of a fly rod. They’ve successfully bridged the gap between high-performance technical gear and minimalist design with this rod because it works brilliantly and takes no time at all to set up and start casting.

Fishing Rod Rey Gear First Cast Fly Rod

The REYR Gear First Cast Fly Rod packs down to only 17-inches which is A LOT BETTER than the average 24-inches that most travel rods break down to. The all-in-one design is what eliminates all the unnecessary time used to set up normal rods and the telescoping design just packs up into itself when the rod’s not in use.

If you wanted to compare this to a traditional fly rod you can think of it as a Medium Weight/6-weight rod. Here it is in action:

Similar to the Tenkara Rods, there is an internal lining system which eliminates the need for eyelets. This means you don’t waste time having to line up all the various eyelets when expanding the rod and everything always stays perfectly neat and organized.

Whenever you want to move from fishing spot to spot the First Cast Fly Rod complete kit (rod/line/reel) packs up neatly within itself and you’re not stuck hauling around a 9-foot rod which isn’t always feasible, especially not when you’re crawling through the thick bush alongside a stream.

I haven’t even mentioned the price yet, $279 for the complete setup, which is A TOTAL STEAL compared to many travel fy rods on the market that cost an arm and a leg. Seriously, travel rods over $1K isn’t unheard of so this one’s perfectly priced.

Fishing Rod Rey Gear First Cast Fly Rod

This kit includes a rod, reel, line, tapered leader, neoprene storage bag, and compact fly box. The ambidextrous construction of the reel means it’s perfect for lefties and righties.

Scoop yours today for some fly fishing on the go all Summer long and into the Fall!


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