This Navy SEAL Model Of The Aluminum Ridge Wallet Is A Minimalist’s Dream

Navy SEAL Aluminum Ridge Wallet

It’s time to ditch that bulky wallet in your pocket that’s been falling apart for months (years?) and get with the times. The Ridge Wallet is an aluminum wallet + money clip combo that will block RFID skimming devices and keep your credit card information safe.

This particular model of the Aluminum Ridge Wallet is the Navy SEAL edition. This is the result of a partnership between Huckberry and Ridge Wallet where they teamed up to send care packages to Navy SEALs on active duty abroad. They wanted to create a long-term partnership so they designed this navy blue Navy SEAL Ridge Wallet where 5% of all proceeds go directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Navy SEAL Aluminum Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet holds between 1-12 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) and the side clip will securely hold your cash in place. It features an ultra-slim profile that only weighs 2oz when empty. This is perfect for freeing up pocket space and ensuring you’ve got the best wallet on the market.

Navy SEAL Aluminum Ridge Wallet

This is one of the most beloved wallets in the world of everyday carry and it is available in several colorways so if the camel color isn’t your favorite you can scoop it up in other styles.

Navy SEAL Aluminum Ridge Wallet

— Exclusive Navy Blue colorway using the official Pantone Navy Blue color
— 5% of proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation
— Expandable track holds 1-12 cards
— Cash clip holds cash in place safe and secure
— Slim front pocket profile to alleviate lower back pain
— Blocks RFID-skimming devices (wireless credit card and identity theft)
— Integrated expandable track with replaceable elastic
— Weighs 2 oz

Seriously, if you’re in the slim wallets market and looking to immediately upgrade your life then you should 100% check out the Ridge Wallet. In addition to the Navy SEAL Edition, there are a bunch of other colors and you can shop all of them by hitting that link below!


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