Samsung Plans 7-inch Galaxy Tablet to Rival Apple’s iPad

by 9 years ago

The company that let me try the Samsung Galaxy phone a few weeks ago is now bringing the Apple haters of the world their own version of the iPad. The Galaxy Tab will feature a 7-inch screen, web-browsing, and run on Android 2.2. This new tablet seems pretty legit and if it's anything like the Galaxy smartphone it will definitely be a great alternative to the iPad. But Samsung is not the first company attempting to dethrone and sodomize Steve Jobs, they are just the latest. There are many PC alternatives to the iPad already on sale or about to hit the market but will any actually muster the steam it takes to knock out the champ? We doubt it; Apple's stranglehold on the human race is amazing; that is not to say the Samsung Galaxy Tab will suck, because it actually appears to be very sweet. Check out the video after the jump and draw your own conclusions.