Save 60% ($210+) Off Samsung’s Robot Vacuum, Programmed To Destroy All Dust And Dirt

by 1 year ago

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DJ Roomba has a crazy cousin and it’s bringing CycloneForce technology to make dust and dirt its bitch.

Seriously though, robot vacuums are awesome and if they’re any sign of the future then I can’t wait. As much as WALL•E scared me, I’m a huge fan of not having to clean because a robot does that chore for me.

Especially if it works as well as Samsung’s POWERbot. This bad boy uses mapping and sensors to create the optimal cleaning path and avoid obstacles, uses CycloneForce technology for 10-20x more suction power while reducing clogging, has a wide brush build to clean more area while using less time and power, automatically returns itself to the charging dock when the battery is low then immediately returns to cleaning, and it even uses a washable filter for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

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