Replace Your Running Kicks: Saucony Sneakers Are 45% Off On Amazon Today

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Saucony Running Sneakers 2016

Sneakers take a beating in the winter months. Here’s why — the bad weather leaves people with little else to do but go to the gym a little bit more and train a little bit longer and the outdoor conditions are a little more treacherous. Snow, mud, rock salt and all the other stuff on the ground turns kicks in crap in no time.

New season, new shoes, and Amazon is running (no pun intended) a deal on Saucony sneakers today. Assorted styles and colors of Saucony running shoes are 45% off from now until the end of the day. Here’s a few pair to consider…

Men's Kinvara 6 Running Shoe

Kinvara 6

The new Kinvara 6 is just a few engines short of a turbojet, but you might be fooled when you lace up a pair. Our best-ever PRO-LOCK lacing system delivers the optimal midfoot fit, and teams up with a new breathable mesh to deliver a cool breeze while you’re blazing the course. The upper’s FLEXFILM overlays have been adjusted to help the shoe move better with your foot, and sit atop the same POWERGRID-enhanced midsole as the previous edition, because, well… It’s just that good.


Men's Omni 14 Running Shoe

Omni 14

The Omni 14 delivers a unique benefits package: excellent cushioning, robust support and still enough flexibility to make this an extremely runnable stability shoe. The underfoot feel and amount of impact protection provided by the compressing materials between the foot and running surface. The level of pronation control built into the shoe. Pronation is the inward rolling of the ankle through the gait cycle. The difference in height between the heel thickness and forefoot thickness of the shoe.


Kineta Relay Running Shoe

Kineta Relay

Designed to cover your light workout and active lifestyle, the Kineta Relay fuses a clean, modern aesthetic with performance technologies to bring you all day comfort. The Kineta Relay is lightweight in construction with breathable mesh upper, high-abrasion EVA foam with triangular lugs provide grip, durability and lightweight cushioning and the FORM2U memory foam cushioning conforms to your feet.


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