Scotch And Bourbon Gift Ideas: 13 Last Minute Bottles To Buy Before Christmas

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Anyone who drinks Bourbon appreciates receiving a fine bottle as a gift for the holidays. It’s also an extremely easy gift to purchase if you ever find that you need to buy a gift for clients, colleagues, friends, or random relatives. Guys like Tequila, Gin, Rum, and Scotch but we love a good Bourbon. As we inch towards 2018 I wanted to put together a quick list of Scotch and Bourbon gift ideas for guys. This way, if you’re torn between which bottle to purchase you can just consult the list and let someone else make the difficult decisions for you.

I suppose it’s a bit of a misnomer to call this strictly a list of Bourbon gift ideas. I’ve included some bottles of Rye, Scotch, and others amongst the best Bourbons of the past year. But what was I supposed to do in the headline, say ‘Hey bros! ere’s a list of every bottle of booze worth owning in 2017!’ Actually, now that I think about it, that would’ve made for one heck of a boozer buyer’s guide this year. Well, let’s get to it before I start rambling about booze and Bourbon gifts anymore…I’ve listed the bottles in ascending order of price, and this is by no means a list of every Bourbon and Scotch bottle you should own. These are just some holiday gift idea suggestions for guys who love Bourbon.

Bourbon Gift Ideas: Best Last Minute Bottles Of Booze To Buy For The Holidays


Bulleit Aged 10 Years Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

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The Bulleit 10-year is my favorite bottle to sit at home and sip on after a long week. This is one of the smoothest bourbons ever bottled and at $38 it makes for a truly spectacular gift. I’m not joking when I say I’d spend 2x that amount on this bottle because it’s worth it.

Get It NOW: $38+


Four Roses Single Barrel 100 Proof

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You can find this bottle for $38-$40 in most liquor stores. At that price, it’s hard to find a better Bourbon on the market. Four Roses bottles some truly exquisite spirits but this one is their flagship Bourbon and the most approachable.

Get It NOW: $40


Talisker Skye Single Malt

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With the Talisker Skye Single Malt, we’re making the jump from Bourbon to Scotch, and this comes with a whole set of new flavors. The Talisker Skye Single Malt has a sweet and smooth expression of smoke and citrus. It’s said to pick up salty sea notes. If the straight-forward Talisker is overpowering then this is the spirit for you because it’s much more approachable.

Get It NOW: $43+


Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye

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Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye is the first-ever permanent addition to the famous Basil Hayden’s whiskey portfolio. It carries notes of spice, dark fruits, and oak. If you drink Boulevardiers (like a Negroni but with Rye instead of Gin) then this is the #1 bottle you need to buy in 2017, trust me. This is an excellent spirit because it can be drunk straight or mixed into delicious cocktails.

Get It NOW: $46+


Isle of Jura 10-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

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If you haven’t tasted the Isle of Jura 10-year-old then you’re doing yourself an injustice. This exquisite Scotch Whiskey absolutely dominated the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition winning medals the past four years. You owe it to yourself to keep a bottle of the Isle of Jura 10 stocked at home.

Get It NOW: $35


The Dalmore 15 Year Old Highland Scotch Whisky

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The smoky and espresso laden finish on the Dalmore 15 Year Old makes this a perfect after dinner sipping spirit. Dalmore is one of the more dignified Scotch offerings out there and the 15-year-old does not disappoint. That’s also an extremely eye-catching bottle.

Get It NOW: $58+


Jefferson’s ‘Aged At Sea’ Very Small Batch Bourbon

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The Jefferson’s ‘Aged at Sea’ Very Small Batch Bourbon is actually the bottle that served as the impetus for me to put together this list of great booze gift ideas for the holidays. The ‘Aged at Sea’ is exactly that, it’s a Bourbon which is put into barrels and loaded onto a ship. It then crosses the equator multiple times throughout several years and circumnavigates the globe, visiting 5+ continents and 30 ports along the way. This a very smooth cask strength Bourbon and one which comes with an incredible story.

Get It NOW: $65+


Booker’s ‘Sip Awhile’ Batch Bourbon

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Booker’s actually releases several small batch Bourbons throughout the year. The ‘Sip Awhile’ is the fourth and final batch of 2017, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite from the four batches I’m comfortable saying this one will blow anybody away as a gift. It’s also on the more affordable side of the Booker’s Batch collection at $65/bottle. This exquisite bourbon is aged 6 years, 8 months and 14 days. It checks in at 128.1-proof with tasting notes of chestnut, caramel, and vanilla. It is meant to be sipped neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water.

Get It NOW: $65+


Blanton’s Gold Edition

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This is a superb bucket list bourbon. If you haven’t tasted Blanton’s Gold Edition before then prepare to be wowed. It’s a smooth mixture of corn, rye, and malted barley with tasting notes of honey, oak, pepper, and butter. The oak comes from this spirit being aged in White Oak barrels.

Get It NOW: $73


Hillrock Estate Distillery Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey

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The Solera Aged Bourbon from the Hillrock Estate Distillery is a bottle every distinguished Bourbon lover needs to have tucked away in his home bar. It carries a nose of spice and dark fruit. It is a complex blend of various Bourbons from Hillrock Estate and this bottle blows everyone away.

Get It NOW: $76


Laphroaig Lore Islay Whisky

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I’ve had a love affair with Laphroaig for as long as I’ve been appreciating Scotch Whisky. the Laphroaig Lore is one of my all-time favorite expressions of Islay Whisky. It’s powerful, and that’s a great thing. It carries a spicy chili bite along with malty sweetness. If you are looking for a Scotch that’s really going to impress someone as a gift then this is the bottle you want to purchase.

Get It NOW: $86


Buffalo Trace George T. Stagg

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Hey there, big spender! This is a bottle for you. At $380+ per bottle, the Buffalo Trace George Stagg is one of the finest bourbons ever bottled. The name George T. Stagg pays homage to the man who helped build one of the most iconic Kentucky Straight Bourbon distilleries on the planet. This is definitely a ‘bucket list’ bottle that you only buy once and then only bust it out for very special occasions. It carries notes of tobacco, cherries, coffee, and spearmint.

Get It NOW: $380+


Black Maple Hill 16-Year-Old Premium Small Batch

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If you are looking to spend a small fortune on Bourbon then you can accomplish that goal with the Black Maple Hill 16-year-old Premium Small Batch. It retails for $2899+, and is one of the most sought-after bottles of Bourbon in America. I’ve never tasted this vintage and I’m not sure I’ll ever have the opportunity to, but it’s said to carry notes of cloves, candied pecans, caramel, and other delicious flavors.

Get It NOW: $2899+


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