This Badass Waterproof Backpack Only Costs $59 And Compresses Into A Pouch The Size Of Your Pocket

by 9 months ago

If you’re anything like me, you have a million backpacks for a million different occasions. A carry-your-laptop-to-work backpack. A weekend backpack. A beach backpack. A day-hiking backpack. They all serve a very specific purpose in your daily life, ranging from taking your clothes to the gym to stuffing beer and a towel for the beach.

If your adventures involve water, the Sea-To-Sky waterproof backpack is a game changer. Designed for kayaker, rafter, surfer, fishermen, boaters, and/or paddle boarders, this knapsack holds everything you need and can be compressed into a tiny, pocket-sized bundle. Your shoes for camp will always be dry after that float, along with your phone and wallet.

Made in the Pacific Northwest by Portlanders who love the outdoors, the main compartment of the Sea-To-Sky fits 24 liters, weighing only 5.5oz and boating military grade durability. Here’s how much stuff you can cram in this little guy:

Head over to Kickstarter to support and grab your own. A $59 pledge today gets you one Sea-To-Sky and a $114 pledge gets you two. That’s significantly cheaper than waterproof dry backpacks at REI (all of which start at $100), including the stupidly expensive Patagonia Black Hole 25L.




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