The Seventy2 Supply System Has Everything You Need To Survive Getting Lost In The Woods

Seventy2 Survival System ultimate survival kit

Statistically, 95% of all emergency survival situations are resolved within 72 hours. If you ever get lost in the woods, trapped in a cave, etc., that means there’s roughly a 95% chance you’ll be rescued within 72 hours. So the ability to stay alive for at least 72 hours in a survival situation is absolutely crucial, and that’s where the Seventy2 Supply System comes into play.

The Seventy2 Supply System has enough survival gear to keep you alive for 72 hours in an emergency. It’s got all of the gear you’ll want/need when your life is on the line, and it’s all contained within an easy-to-carry backpack. The Seventy2 Supply System features a waterproof shell backpack that contains and protects all of the gear. And an ingeniously designed insert system with directions and graphics detailing how everything stays organized for fastest/easiest access.

Seventy2 Survival System ultimate survival kitSeventy2 Survival System ultimate survival kit

Here’s a full list of the supplies:

— Nalgene water bottle
— Sawyer water filter with collapsible water tank, good for up to 100,000 gallons
— Collapsible water pouch with 2 L capacity
— Beanie to retain body heat
— Lined, textured cold weather gloves
— Mylar thermal survival tent for two adults
— Mylar thermal space blanket
— Protective rubber goggles
— Duct tape, five yards
— Collapsible shovel/pickaxe with carrying case
— Air-activated heat packs that stay hot for 10 hours
— Lightweight air filtration mask
— 15 antibacterial wipes with resealable package
— 12 survival bars with 200 calories each
— Compact flashlight
— Compact multitool
— Fixed blade knife with paracord wrapped handle and safety sheath
— Magnesium alloy fire starter
— SPF 30 sunscreen
— Waterproof match case
— 100 ft of paracord
— Water syringe to clean Sawyer filter or clean cuts
— Two chemical stick lights
— Radio/electronics charger powered with DC charging, hand-crank or solar
— First aid kit

Seventy2 Survival System ultimate survival kitSeventy2 Survival System ultimate survival kit

This is a perfect survival kit for any avid outdoorsman or anyone who just wants to stay prepared. You can bring this along on any hike, adventure, camping trip, or you can buy it and keep it tucked away in your car/truck/SUV for a rainy day. You can save $70 by following the link below!


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