Is ‘Shut Ball’ The Next Great Summer Beach, Backyard, And Tailgating Game?

Last summer, a backyard revolution was born. Chippo, the game that combined golf chip shots and cornhole, exploded in popularity, spurring a cottage industry of similar backyard golf games.

This year there’s a new player in the backyard, beach, and tailgating game space: Shut Ball, a basketball yard game that’s like pop-a-shot meets cornhole. Shut Bull is the brainchild of a Bro named Brett from day party capital of Buffalo, New York. The idea is simple: Throw a jump shot (…or granny-style it) at a board of hoops and shut the door on it when you make one – like removing a beer pong cup from a table.

Here’s the promo video:

Similar to Chippo, the world’s first basketball-themed lawn game is trying to take off on Kickstarter. You can throw it support and grab a set HERE.


There are two distinct games that can be played with a set:

Game 1 :

  • Place boards 15′ apart from both fronts
  • Game is played with your opponent standing at the opposite end
  • Play standing behind the board when taking shots, arms can cross the board

Objective:  To close out the board

  • When a shot is made remove ball and close doors
  • Redemption shots are allowed
  • Shoot until you miss

If playing with two teammates

  • Both players get to take a shot
  • After one bounce on the board, the ball can be blocked
  • After the ball makes ground contact the ball is “dead”
  • If redeemed, both front closers are opened for overtime
  • For double overtime, both second closers are opened
  • For third overtime, third closers are opened
  • For fourth overtime, fourth closers are opened.

Game 2 – 4 boards

This game is played in relay style fashion. Your partner is now standing at the opposite board across from you with your opponents next to you.

Objective: To close out both boards as fast as you can.

  • If one person closes out a board first, you must throw the ball continuously back to them until they close out the board as well
  • Whichever team successfully closes out both boards first wins


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