Single Barrel Rye, And 8 More Things We Want (A Gear Guide For Bros)

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This week’s gear guide for men truly runs the gamut of everything a bro might want or need in his life. From waterproof backpacks to delicious single barrel rye, and everything in between, we’ve got all sorts of gear this week!

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On most of the items if you’re interested in buying one for yourself you can click the link in the description and it’ll take you to Amazon and/or the product page.

Michael Jordan’s Mansion On The Market For $14,855,000

Michael Jordan’s 56,000-square-foot mansion sits on a 7.39-acre compound in Highland Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. The sprawling estate has been on and off the market for several years, and has continued to go down in asking price. The latest price tag of $14.855 million is waaayyyy down from the price tag of $29 million back in 2012. So what makes Michael Jordan’s Chicago mansion worth that many millions of dollars? Neil J. Leitereg of the L.A. Times has a great write-up on this one-of-a-kind estate:

Built in contemporary style in 1995 and renovated in 2009, the home has nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms across three stories. Among features are large-scale formal areas, a movie theater and a lounge/retreat complete with a cigar room, a poker room and a wet bar.

In between the main house and a guest wing is an entertainer’s pavilion set beneath a row of skylights. Elsewhere on the property is a climate-controlled garage with parking for up to 15 vehicles.

“This is one of the most significant homes in the world,” said Nartey, whose athlete clientele includes Kevin Durant, Nick Young and LaDainian Tomlinson, among others. “When you think about the White House, celebrity properties like Madonna’s home, architectural properties — they are instantly recognizable. This property falls into that realm.”


Just look at that place and tell me if you had an extra fifteen million sitting around you wouldn’t want to live there?

Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle


Xbox One

With a price tag of $349 on Microsoft’s website (BUY IT NOW HERE), the ‘Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle’ is quite possibly the most essential bundle ever released for diehard Halo fans. The sheer amount of hardware and software you’re getting with the Master Chief Collection Bundle is unprecedented. From Microsoft’s site:

“The bundle includes The Master Chief’s entire story with Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary, newly remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Play all 45 campaign missions plus more than 100 multiplayer and Spartan Ops maps in 1080p at 60fps. Also comes with access to the new live action digital series from executive producer Ridley Scott, Halo: Nightfall.”

Thinking about buying an Xbox One? BUY THIS ONE NOW. Seriously though. I’m in the market myself for an Xbox One, hence why I shared this with you. I’m looking for a new media center, a blu-ray player, but also something I can continue to game on. It’s become painfully obvious to me that the ‘Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle’ is the package for me.

BUY IT NOW for $349 (save $50 by buying now).

The ‘I Am Chewbacca’ Hoodie

The ‘I am Chewbacca’ hoodie from WeLoveFine carries a price tag of only $60, and it’s quite possibly the single greatest piece of ‘Star Wars’ apparel I’ve ever seen. I first came across this hoodie over on Mashable, but in order to buy the Chewbacca hoodie you’ll need to follow the link to WeLoveFine, where this glorious hoodie will begin shipping on June 1st. So get your order in now before they all sell out.

The Onewheel Electric Hoverboard

So I haven’t actually had the chance to get my feet on a Onewheel yet and ride it, but after watching that video above and browsing through the Onewheel website it seems obvious to me that the Onewheel is about to be the next big thing in boardsports. This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to mirroring a hoverboard, only it’s built so you can ride it down the side of a mountain and/or a city street.

Imagine having the sensation of shredding straight pow-pow but you’re just riding down the sidewalk on your way to class, or work. We no longer live in a world where you can only snowboard during the Winter months, because the Onewheel is good to go all year long. The Onewheel isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘cheap’, with a price tag of $1,499.00, but you gotta pay to play here, bros. Maybe when the next bonus check comes around you’ll pick one of these up, and then you’ll come back here and tell me all about how that’s the single greatest purchase of your lifetime. Buy it NOW over on the Onewheel website by following the link above!

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye


Russell's Reserve

The image you see above is just a rendering of what the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye bottle will look like once it hits the market, this hooch is so rare right now you can’t even buy it in the stores. I actually had a chance to sip on this earlier in the week, in a sample sent to me by Russell’s Reserve. Bros, I can attest that this single barrel rye (will retail for $59.99) is spectacular both on the rocks and when used to make both an Old Fashioned and a Negroni. I actually got after it quite a bit drinking the sample set over while I was watching the Tampa Bay Lightning’s game six versus the Habs, and am now somewhat regretting not having any of the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye leftover for game one tomorrow against the New York Rangers.

The press release from Russell’s Reserve also mentions another rare spirit on the horizon:

“Much to our delight, whiskey drinkers have fallen back in love with Rye. We love the spiciness of Rye and have been making premium Rye whiskies for decades, including Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Rye. Given the demand among the bartending community for a high proof rye that can hold up well in cocktails, we created Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye. At 104 proof, it is non-chilled filtered for maximum flavor and offers a balance of spicy pepper, vanilla and tobacco. Debuting this September, this soon-to-be staple in our portfolio will retail for $59.99.

The second expression we’re introducing is the rarest Russell’s Reserve to date. Russell’s Reserve 1998 has been aging to perfection since it was distilled and filled into no. 4 char, American White Oak barrels back in 1998 – when Jimmy marked his 45th year at the distillery and Russell’s Reserve was first introduced into the market. Launching in October, the 1998 will retail for $249.99 in very limited quantities.”

Now I cannot wait to taste that sweet nectar once it hits the market in October! For more on Russell’s Reserve you can check them out on Twitter or find them over here on Facebook.

The ‘Lily Camera’ Drone

I’ll be SHOCKED if you bros haven’t already seen the Lily Camera in action this week. I’ve seen just about every website on the world wide web talk about the ‘Lily’ this week, and I’ve even seen a few friends on Facebook post about already ordering one for surfing and snowboarding. The ‘Lily’ is unlike any camera or drone we’ve ever seen before. You just turn it on, toss it into the air, and it proceeds to follow you and film badass footage.

As you can see from the video above this is some NEXT LEVEL tech, which is why it carries a sizable price tag of $519 after shipping (PRE-ORDER NOW). The Lily is waterproof and carries 20-minutes of flight time, which is more than enough time for it to film you shred down a mountain, catch a few waves, or fight a trophy fish. There’s really not enough I can say about how awesome the Lily appears to be based on the video above, now it’s just a matter of trying it out myself in the future.

Filson’s Waterproof Dry Bags



Whether you’re camping or hitting the Summer music festival circuit, you should HIGHLY CONSIDER investing in a dry bag to keep all your valuables protected. For years I used to carry a Ziploc bag in my pocket at outdoor shows during the Summer for when those inevitable storms rolled in, but now I’m realizing I didn’t need to do that at all. Filson’s Dry Bags come in just about every shape and size you’d be looking for, from a backpack to small enough to fit in someone’s purse ($35, BUY IT NOW). Click on over and check them out, you won’t regret it.

A Trip to the Goose Island Brewery, Now Open To The Public For The 1st Time Ever


Goose Island Brewery

I’d bet my lunch that more than half of you bros reading this right now have drank Goose Island beer before, AND you enjoy it. Living in NYC and the Goose Island Brewery being in Chicago, I had no idea until now that the main brewery (Fulton Street) has always been closed to the public.


Earlier in the week for Goose Island’s #MigrationWeek I had the opportunity to sample some of their rare beers paired with ridiculously delicious foods (pictured above), and now that they’ve opened a taproom at their main brewery I can only begin to imagine the delicious beers that will be offered up there. I’ll be in Chicago later this Summer for a wedding and will 100% be stopping by that brewery to get my drink on now that it’s open to the public, and I highly suggest any of you bros in the midwest make the trip there.

Brewery tour highlights will include the following:

Beers to be sampled.
Custom pint glass
Visit to the ‘Innovation Room,’ where brewers have full creative license to brew, developing small batch beers that may only show up in our Tasting Room.
Peek in the Barrel Aging Warehouse, where visitors will learn how Goose Island’s award-winning barrel aged beers, such as Bourbon County Stout are created.
Stop by the new ‘Tap Deck’ which overlooks the Goose Island Brewing operations, allowing our visitors to see our great brewers at work.

….and there’s a whole lot more to the tour. So if any of you bros are planning a mid-west brewery tour this Summer now’s the time to add Goose Island to your list.

The Böker Plus Kalashnikov 12T & 12S Knives

I had no idea until about 10-minutes ago when I came across this site, but very weekend the dudes over run a knife special. This weekend’s special is BADASS. For only $19.95 you can a Böker Plus Kalashnikov 12T or 12S, a set of knives designed to mirror the infamous KKalashnikov weapon.


Knive Center

UPDATE: The sale appears to be over, but you can still pick up the 12S for $29.95 instead of the original sale price of $19.95. BUY IT NOW HERE.

A ‘Triple Crown’ Horse Racing Tie


Vineyard Vines

I bought this tie myself and wore it during the Kentucky Derby, I plan on wearing it again tomorrow while watching the Preakness Stakes, and I’ll tie it on again in a few weeks when I head out to Long Island for the Belmont Stakes. If, like me, you’re into dressing up and getting hammered for the Triple Crown of Horse Racing then you owe it to yourself to buy that tie above featuring mint juleps (comes in 4 colors), or this one featuring tiny horses.

You might be thinking to yourself: Cass, who the hell would spend $95 on a tie covered mint juleps? Me, that’s who. That tie is glorious, it’s pretty as fuck, and it’s the perfect tie to be worn every Summer either to watch horse racing or out to the horse track. BUY IT NOW on Vineyard Vines by CLICKING HERE.

Well bros, that concludes another week of ‘Things We Want’. You can click here for last week’s ‘Gear Guide For Bros‘, and if you see anything above you think you need in your life don’t hesitate to click on through and purchase.

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