This $83 Million Plane Is Being Called ‘World’s Most Luxurious Private Jet’, Is Basically A Flying Superyacht

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Like many of you, the $700 million Powerball jackpot has me twisted. For whatever reason, we all go into a frenzy when the lottery surpasses a certain dollar amount. “It’s over $200 million? Well shit, now WE HAVE TO PLAY.” As if winning a $10 million jackpot wouldn’t be worth our time. At least that’s how we all act, right? I mean, I never play below $100 million. “Only the real addicts piss their money down the drain for a measly $10 mil. Losers.” Flawless logic.

Anyway, when I think about winning this weekend’s jackpot, I think about my life after winning the lottery. Anyone who has ever done that knows how dangerous these daydreams are. What would I do with the cash? Would I quit my job? Yep! Would I move somewhere warm, full of golf courses, and very underpopulated? Without a fucking doubt. Would I blow $83 million of it on a private jet? Definitely not. I wouldn’t fly commercial anymore (that’s for the poors), but owning a plane or superyacht has to be the ultimate rich guy money pit. The gas and maintenance alone will tear the ass out of you. I’m looking to live on forever on this payday, not blow $83 million of it on one purchase. But that doesn’t mean I won’t pressure my new, rich friends — who also happen to still work because they are DRIVEN — to buy it. Oh, by the way, in my highfalutin daydreams, I only hobnob with people of IMMENSE net worth.

Now that I’ve gone and forced myself, and hopefully you, into having these “I’M GOING TO WIN THE FUCKING LOTTERY!” daydreams, check out the $83 million Skyacht One. Come Sunday morning, someone in America (likely not us) might be looking to buy it. I don’t know who that person is, but I already hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.


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