The SleepCompanion Light Bulb Enhances And Monitors Your Quality Of Sleep


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Few things are worse than waking up early after a bad night of sleep, it makes getting out of bed nearly impossible. Even more annoying, you are often left to wonder why your quality of sleep was lacking.

Well, the team behind SleepCompanion is here to change the sleep game. The SleepCopanion bulb is scientifically engineered to improve your quality of sleep and designed to track your habits as they relate to your quality of sleep.

SleepCompanion uses lighting-technology to release the appropriate amount and color or light at the right times for an improved quality of sleep and ease of waking up.

SleepCompanion adjusts its light according to the time of the day. It combines different types of LEDs to act on the level of melatonin in the body: reddish – free of melatonin inhibiting wavelengths – when its time to sleep. Precisely-defined blue wavelengths of light to quickly decrease the level of melatonin for a smooth wake-up. SleepCompanion even includes a relaxation program, guided by light, to help forget about the worries of the day and ease into sleep. Fall faster into a restful sleep. Wake up full of energy the next morning. 100% naturally.

Additionally, SleepCompanion’s app helps track common data that relates to disrupted sleep. This is tracked and used to help improve your sleep for a deeper, higher quality level of rest.

Easy and fun to use, the SleepCompanion APP is your daily partner in the quest of perfectly regenerative nights. It measures the factors that are known to disrupt sleep (temperature, noise, brightness). It analyzes your sleep patterns. It understands when you miss sleep time, start to have a sleep debt or if your last night was not restorative enough. And then gives you actionable insights to improve both the quantity and the quality of your sleep.

SleepCompanion’s bulb easily replaces any traditional light bulb and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. With innovative technology and clinically proven performance, anyone can benefit from SleepCompanion’s beneficial sleep technology.

Sleep better, feel better:



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