UT OH, Snapchat Users, Someone Has Figured Out a Way to Recover Your ‘Deleted’ Snapchat Photos

Per KSL News:

Orem-based firm Decipher Forensics said it has derived a method to extract the supposedly no-longer-viewable images and pass them on to parents, lawyers and law enforcement.

“The actual app is even saving the picture,” said Richard Hickman, a digital forensics examiner. “They claim that it's deleted, and it's not even deleted. It's actually saved on the phone.” On average, he said, it takes about six hours, but most of the time is spent simply imaging the phone's data.

“There's a folder called RECEIVED_IMAGES_SNAPS,” Hickman explained, pointing at his computer screen. “And here they are.” Hickman said the Decipher Forensics team had only perfected the steps for extracting pictures from Android phones. He said he was currently developing the capability to do the same with Snapchat for iPhones.

The reason the photos don't vanish appears to be due to the way the makers of Snapchat designed the program. Hickman said that rather than have the program delete the files, it affixes the file extension “.NOMEDIA.”

That extension makes the pictures unviewable to most people, but Hickman said forensics experts have the capability to simply take the files out of the phone and change the .NOMEDIA extension. The pictures are then viewable once again.

Yeah, TODAY it's only a forensics expert who can find the photos, tomorrow it will be fucking everyone. Thankfully, I've never used the app — I'm old fashioned like that. I just draw an exact rendering of my penis, free-hand, and after the chick looks at it  (4 to 7  business days later) the message self-destructs, Inspector Gadget style.



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