Start Sleeping Like A King With The Snooz White Noise Machine

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

There was a time, not that long ago, when I scoffed at anyone who’d try to talk to me about the benefits of sleeping with a white noise machine. I’ve had difficulty sleeping for pretty much my entire life. I’ve particularly struggled with getting to sleep though staying asleep has been tough at times. But then my 11-month-old son came into the world nearly a year ago and I fell ass-backward into the white noise sound machine craze.

I’ll spare you the details on infant sleep training (shout out Taking Cara Babies for being a fucking lifesaver) but using a white noise machine to help a child sleeps is ENORMOUSLY helpful in both getting a baby to sleep and keeping them asleep. As it turns out, I’ve also turned into Pavlov’s Dog when it comes to white noise. Early on, our son would sleep in our bedroom before he moved to his own room/nursery. It was in those days that I’d be sleeping with the loud white noise in my bedroom. These days, I still hear the noise but through the monitor/app on my phone.

Other parents with infants think I’m an asshole whenever this gets mentioned but our baby’s slept through the night, from 8pm to 7am, every single night since he was about 10 weeks old and I definitely credit the white noise sound machine with that sleep success.

Bros, I’ve also been sleeping like a baby for the past few months. I did get a new comforter/duvet which certainly helped but I’m now a 100% believer in sleeping with a white noise machine and that’s why I’m putting the Snooz White Noise Sound Machine on your radar today. Let’s check it out:

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Features include:

— Designed with an internal fan for full-spectrum sound that’s authentic

— No looping tracks or poor audio quality that apps or other machines might use

— The internal fan doesn’t create unnecessary cold air so you can stay comfortable all night

— Easily packs into your backpack or carryon so you can bring the white noise with you

— Tone is adjusted with an easy twist of the outer shell—allows you to rotate from a light fan sound (think table fan) to a deep fan drone (think airplane cabin) and everything in-between

— Adjustable volume with 10 unique levels

— The Snooz app allows you to control the device anywhere in the house and lets you save personal preferences and settings

The Snooz White Noise Sound Machine comes in Charcoal or Cloud (colors) and you can pick it up right now and start sleeping better by following the ‘shop now’ button below or any of the links above in this article!


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