5 Pocket Knives From SOG Knives That Are Perfect For Everyday Carry

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Sog Knives for Everyday Carry

There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a trusty pocket knife for everyday carry. I’m talking about the folding pocket knife that goes into your pocket, clips on your belt, or one that you can carry on your keychain every day. The tool that will always be with you on the fly for any time you might need it.

These five Sog Knives that are currently for sale over on Huckberry range from $22 to $70 and each of them is an excellent option for potential various everyday carry needs. We first see the SOG Knives KeyTron Keyring Folder ($22) which is compact in design to fit on your keyring without interfering in your life. The 1.8″ blade is incredibly sharp and the knife itself only weighs 1.3oz overall. The top middle option is the SOG Knives Credit Card Companion with Lens/Compass ($23) which is a credit card tool including a knife, compass, lens, bottle opener, and more. Thisis a brilliant multi-tool choice that you can tuck neatly into your wallet.

On the right side of the top row we see the SOG Knives Cash Card in Stainless Steel ($30) which has a 2 3/4″ and the knife doubles as a money clip. If you’d prefer to tuck your cash + cards into a moneyclip instead of a wallet then this is a perfect option for only $30.

On the bottom left is the SOG Knives Twitch II in Satin ($53) which is more of a traditional pocket knife than the past two options. This knife has the SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) quick opening system using the balance of a high-tension coil. The drop point blade is perfect for cutting and this ergonomic handle will feel great in your hand all day. Last but definitely not least is the SOG Knives Terminus XR in Black ($70) with a 2.6″ high-grade steel blade, quick opening system, thumb studs, and an incredibly lightweight and durable G10 + carbon fiber handle.

Let’s check out those options again….

[1] SOG Knives KeyTron Keyring Folder [$22]

[2] SOG Knives Credit Card Companion with Lens/Compass [$23]

[3] SOG Knives Cash Card in Stainless Steel [$30]

[4] SOG Knives Twitch II in Satin [$53]

[5] SOG Knives Terminus XR in Black [$70]

Sog Knives for Everyday Carry

You can shop ALL of the Sog Knives options over on Huckberry by clicking that link!

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