These EDC ‘Grab Bags’ Are A Great Way To Stock Up On Tactical Gear And Everyday Carry Items For A Great Price

Presented by Monthly Knife Club…

It’s the time of year when we’re all hitting the great outdoors a helluva lot more than we have in the past few months. That means we need to come armed and ready with the best gear to help us survive, right? Obviously, because using a dull blade or dusty tactical gear just isn’t going to the get the job done.

For those bros out there who want to make their everyday carry game completely badass, it’s time to grab yourself a membership with Monthly Knife Club, which offers up incredible knives and tactical gear for any adventure you’ve got on your plate.


And since Monthly Knife Club wants to make sure you’re all set with what you really need when hitting the outdoors, they’ve got some grab bags for guys to get their hands on. So, what’s a grab bag? A box of goodies that contain tactical gear like name brand knives, flashlights, multi-tools, t-shirts, hats and other stuff that will make your adventure a little bit easier.

Since Monthly Knife Club has accumulated a bunch of stuff from previous boxes and samples, they’re making it simple for you to buy the badass gear, with the price of the bags varying — there’s a $50 and $75 option. But with every item in the two grab bag collections being Monthly Knife Club approved, why wouldn’t you want to scoop one of these up?


Remember, when it comes to subscribing to Monthly Knife Club, there are a few rules — with the main one being that you’re 18 years old. For those who are of age — and want more than just the grab bag option — here’s how a Monthly Knife Club subscription actually works.

Step 1: Select your knife plan, which come in four options: the standard subscription, the name brand subscription, the fixed blade subscription and the ONYX Knife subscription.

Step 2: Monthly Knife Club then ships new knives and tactical gear to you every month, with orders being shipped out between the 15th and 25th every month.

Boom, it’s that easy. See, we told you this is something you might want to take advantage of, especially given the variety of knives and tactical gear available on Monthly Knife Club. And, for those dudes who might not want to commit to a full-fledged membership, Monthly Knife Club also offers up individual gear to choose from, giving you the option to choose what you need most.


You’re not going to conquer all your outdoor adventures this summer without top-of-the-line knives and tactical gear. Monthly Knife Club gives you a ton of options to choose from, which allows you to worry about one less thing while you’re out in the wilderness.

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