Upgrade Your Home Bar With These ‘Chill’ Whiskey And Beer Glasses

That Inventions Chill Glasses

I know you love that beat-up plastic ‘souvenir’ cup you got a Dave Matthews Band concert in Charlottesville back in 2009 but the times have changed, my dude, and so have you. You’re a grown-ass man now and today’s the day you start drinking like it.

THAT! Inventions has released a set of ‘Chill’ Whiskey and Beer glasses along with a Double Wall Beer Glass set that I’m really digging. The ‘Chill’ collection has a base wrapped in cork for cold retention that will extend the life of your ice, and the cork base will also act as a natural coaster to keep those smudge lines off your tables.

Each of these sets includes two glasses. They all have a double-wall design (like your YETI tumbler) that has been engineered to keep your drinks colder for longer. These are made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and have been smoothed through.

The Chill Whiskey Glass holds 8oz (half a pint), which is more than enough space for a large ice rock and a hefty pour of your favorite spirit. The Chill Beer Glass clocks in at 17oz which holds a proper pint of 16oz. It has a smooth rounded rim for easy drinking. Double Wall Beer Glass is an excellent dishwasher safe option that will also look great on you shelf.

Let’s check these out again:

That Inventions Chill Glasses

[1] Chill Beer Glass – Set of 2 [$50]

[2] Chill Whiskey Glass – Set of 2 [$40]

[3] Double Wall Beer Glass – Set of 2 [$30]

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