How To Get A Free Koozie When You Buy A Kanga Case – A Beer Case Cooler That Keeps Your Crispy Boys Cold For Hours

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Kanga Kase Mate

If you really think about it, the innovation behind coolers has been piss poor for decades. Your typical cooler is a big, clunky rectangular box with walls as thick as the ones Andy Dufresne chiseled his way out of in Shawshank Redemption. This is good for insulation, of course, but it leaves a lot to be desired for how many Twisted Teas you can fit it in for the end of summer bash at Brad’s parent’s lake house.

Thankfully, the bros over at KANGA have found a convenient, effective solution to the problems that have plagued the cooler industry since its inception in the 50s. Suck it, Big Cooler!

KANGA is essentially a koozie for an entire 12, 24 or 30-rack of beer, keeping it cool for 7 hours without the hassle of filling 80% of it with ice and then bobbing for beers two hours later when it all melts.

For you nerds who want to know the science behind the magic, the Kanga Kase Mate sports a three-layer laminate insulating barrier and non-permeable membrane that is specifically designed to hug your case’s cardboard packaging to retain the chill of your beverage while repelling that pesky heat.

Here’s a little bonus, for BroBible readers: If you go buy a Kanga Kase Mate right now and use the code “BroBible” upon check out, you’ll get a koozie for free! 



For those of you who are sick of reading, let’s get this show into motion.

Step 1.) Acquire some cold libations from your preferred convenience store.

Step 2) Slide the entire 12, 24, or 30 pack case into the Kanga Kase Mate and zip it closed.

Step 3.) Lift the top flap to open the case.

Step 4.) Create a hole in the cardboard beer case to easily retrieve the cold ones. Enjoy your cold beer and repeat the process until all cold beers have been consumed.

We’ve waited far too long as a civilized for beer innovation of this caliber. Don’t spend another day grappling with the antiquated methods Big Cooler has imposed on you, they will be on the wrong side of history soon enough.

Reminder: FREE KOOZIE if you go buy a Kanga Kase Mate right now and use the code “BroBible” upon checkout…


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