A 1928 Bottle Of Macallan Whisky, Steve McQueen’s Custom Porsche, And 8 More Things We Want This Week

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This week’s gear guide for men truly runs the gamut of everything a bro might want or need in his life. From Steve McQueen’s custom Porsche, a 1928 bottle of Macallan Scottish Whisky, and a watch so classy it can be worn at every occasion, we’ve got all sorts of gear this week! There’s also some outrageous deals in this week’s ‘Things We Want’, with many items being sold at 50%, so get ’em while they’re hot!

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On most of the items if you’re interested in buying one for yourself you can click the link in the description and it’ll take you to the product page.

Steve McQueen’s 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera

The last car in Steve McQueen’s collection is about to go up for auction, and if you have a little extra $$$$ you can own one of the most masculine pieces of automotive history by purchasing Steve McQueen’s 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera. As Cool Material notes this one-of-a-kind Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera will hit the auction block August 13th through the 15th in Monterey, California. Details on the auction can be found below.

Buy Here!

This $40,000 Bottle Of Macallan ‘Anniversary Malt’ (1928)



If you’ve got forty grand and are a fan of Scottish Whisky then this is the bottle for you. Only 500 of these extremely rare Macallan ‘Anniversary Malt’ (1928) bottles were ever corked, and from what I’ve gathered drinking this Scottish Whisky from Macallan is like sipping ambrosia from Mount Olympus. As far as Scottish Whisky’s goes this is the apex. To purchase a bottle or read more about it you can follow the link below.

Buy Here!

GUESS Men’s Sporty Classic Rose Gold & Brown Multi-Function Watch (24% Off!)



This watch from GUESS is classy enough to the point that I’d comfortably call it a ‘time piece’ instead of just a watch, but at just $99 (24% off, usually $125) this watch WILL NOT break the bank. This your classic sport watch, water-resistant up to 330 feet with multiple functioning dials within the face.

The way I look at this classy watch is this: if you’re thinking about getting in the watch game but aren’t sure if you’re the sort of bro who will wear one every single day then this is the perfect watch for you. It won’t leave the world’s biggest dent in your bank account, and it’s classy enough to be worn during almost any occasion. So stop what you’re doing and BUY IT NOW by following the link below or above!

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The Kershaw Clash Serrated



As I do almost every week in my ‘Things We Want’ round up on BroBible, I wanted to include a compact and dependable ‘ever day carry’ knife for you bros. This week’s knife, as if often is, is a folding knife from Kershaw, one of the most trusted names in the world of knives.

This little every day carry knife won’t break the bank, carrying a price tag of just $24.90, and it has one of the best blades you can find at that price point, hands down. BUY IT NOW by following the link below!

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Bottle Opener Wayfarers: An Every Day Pair That Are Cheap, So You Won’t Be Pissed If You Lose Them



These are an affordable pair of sunglasses I’ve featured here on BroBible before that had such an overwhelmingly positive response I felt the need to bring them back again today. At just $14.99 these black wayfarer sunglasses with a bottle opener in the frame are affordable, so you’re not going to be livid when you scratch the lenses or maybe even lose a pair of them at the beach. You can party hard in these shades and not have to worry about the repercussions of losing them like when you’re wearing your Ray Bans. Do yourself a favor and BUY A PAIR NOW by following the link below!

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The Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat



This hat being sold by our bros over at The Rsvlts is a replica of the hat Donald Trump’s wearing on the campaign trail. This ‘Make America Great Again’ initially sold out in a matter of hours yesterday, but I hit up the dudes at The Rsvlts and told them you bros would love this hat and they needed to work overtime to get it back in stock…and they did just that. They got with the manufacturer and replenished inventory just so you bros can get your hands on the most glorious hat of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

If hats aren’t your think you can get the Donald Trump “Let’s make American great again!” T-Shirt HERE for just $13.99

And as awesome as the hat is, I have to say that my favorite thing about it is the price point being $25. So click on over by following that link below or above and BUY IT NOW to show your support for AMERICA and The Donald!

Buy Here!

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