11 ‘Things We Want’ This Week: Grilling Tools, Dos Equis Beer, Waterproof Dry Bags And More!

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Tactical Folding BBQ Fork with Bottle Opener

Before we get started I’d like to acknowledge something I’ve noticed recently with this feature: you bros click through on the first item you love and miss out on all the other greatness in this ‘Things We Want: A Gear Guide For Bros’ round up. You should always scroll to the end and check out everything before making any decisions on what you want to TREAT YO SELF to this week!

Some of the stuff I plan on buying for myself (or have already purchased), other things are crazy expensive and I wouldn’t be able to afford them in my wildest dreams. Also, if you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com

Tactical Folding BBQ Fork With Bottle Opener ($12.97)

Tactical Folding BBQ Fork with Bottle Opener

I’ll be honest, it seems a little silly that this company has called thier butterfly knife replica BBQ folding fork ‘tactical’, but I love this tool and at just $12.97 I think it’s 100% worth it so I’m willing to look past whatever they call it.

— Constructed of 100% stainless steel.
— Collapsible design with the BBQ fork folding into the handles, similar to a butterfly knife.
— Built in bottle opener means you will always be prepared to open your favorite drink!
— Durable, black painted handles.
— Locking mechanism to keep the handles secure while being used or while folded and being stored

Buy Today: $12.97

Dos Equis — The Official Beer Sponsor Of The College Football Playoffs

Dos Equis College Football Playoffs

Bros, I had a walk down memory lane on Monday. I went to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for the 2016/2017 College Football Playoffs National Championship as a guest of Dos Equis, the official beer sponsor of the College Football Playoff. I’m not sure I’d drank a Dos Equis since last Summer. Possibly because I tend to associate it as being a beer I drink on the beach when I’m surrounded by beautiful ladies, but I was LOVING the Dos Equis on Monday night and wanted to give them a special shout out this week in my Things We Want weekly gear guide for bros.

Dos Equis Clemson Alabama National Championship

Cass Anderson / BroBible

Dos Equis set the CFP sponsorhips standard INCREDIBLY high. With tailgates and parties throughout the weekend for Clemson and Alabama fans in attendance. I ate frog legs twice in two days (and alligator once!), and I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me if frog legs are an Alabama delicacy or if I was just getting punked the whole time…Whatever the case, frog legs are delicious and Dos Equis is the beer of champions.

Buy Today!

‘Watch Dogs 2’ — 50% OFF One Of The Most Highly Anticipated Video Games Of 2017 ($29.99)


One of the most anticipated video games of last year was Watch Dogs 2. We’re only a couple weeks away from 2016 and the game is now 50% off.

A serial killer is staging the bodies of his victims all over Oakland just like the infamous Zodiac Killer of the 1960s, and he’s taunting the police and news outlets with coded messages. Will you succeed in decrypting the messages and hunting down the copycat?

Explore the birthplace of the tech revolution as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who has fallen victim to ctOS 2.0’s predictive algorithms and accused of a crime he did not commit. In Marcus’ quest to shut down ctOS 2.0 for good, hacking is the ultimate weapon. Players can not only hack into the San Francisco Bay Area’s infrastructure but also every person and any connected device they possess to trigger unpredictable chains of events in this vast open world.

Buy Today: $29.99

This Insulated Mug Keeps Drinks Hot All Day ($10)



Coffee. Some of us can make it through on just one cup. Some of us need multiple cups of the strongest blend known to man. Some of us are morons who thought it a good idea to quit coffee for good. Whatever the case, a nice hot cup of coffee is as American as apple pie and whatever drugs you take while eating apple pie.

Here’s the biggest issue with coffee — it gets cold too damn fast and cold coffee is one step above drinking piss. Coffee must be hot and it must be hot until the last sip is gone. Luckily the people at LifeSky have figured out how to keep coffee hot and delicious for up to 8 hours.

Buy Today: $10

Deluxe Table Top Hibachi Cooking Stone Kit (With Bamboo Serving Platter + Ceramic Side Dishes)

hibachi grilling stone

If you’re looking to cook at home more often and/or do some more entertaining then this is an item you need to pick up immediately. To read more details on how great it is you can check out this review on TheDailyWant.

— Cooking Stone for making delicious grilled meat and vegetables on your table top
— Just heat the cooking stone in your oven or grill, remove and cook your favorite meals
— Includes 100% food grade basalt steak stone, ceramic side dishes, stainless steel tray, and bamboo serving platter
— Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, and Safe
— Bring tabletop cooking, hibachi and more to your house

Buy Today: $44.95

Kinkoo 10000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank ($69.99, Usually $129.00)

Kinkoo 10000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Kinkoo 10000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

— Always have a power source on hand to jumpstart your car
— Easily carry stash in your car: compact, lightweight design
— Use the large 10000mAh battery capacity
— Take advantage of 500+ uses
— Benefit from short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge & temperature production
— Use the ultra-bright flashlight, strobe light & SOS signal light

Buy Today: $69 (Usually $129)

Waterproof Dry Bags: 3-Piece Set ($39.99, Usually $119.99)

Waterproof Dry Bags: 3-Piece Set

— Small, medium, & large bags perform a variety of tasks
— Durable, lightweight, waterproof material protects your items & makes for easy carrying
— Roll top closure allows maximum compression
— Zipper free design lets you access your belongings quickly
— Easily stored & cleaned

Buy Today: $39.99 (Usually $119.99)

Vader’s Dark Side Empirical Stout T-Shirt ($17.99, Usually $24.99)

Vader's Dark Side Empirical Stout T-Shirt

Little known fact: Darth Vader is actually a very accomplished independent brewer when he’s not choking out Imperial Admirals or seeking to expunge the Jedi plague from the galaxy. His flagship brew? Vader’s Dark Side Empirical Stout, crafted under the Sith Brewing Co. label, and featuring weighty tones of despair and a touch of decimated planet matter. While it may only be available in a galaxy far, far away, this 100%, super soft cotton tee is available right here on Earth.

Buy Today: $17.99

‘ExoMount Touch’ Universal Car Mount ($18.75, Usually $29.95)

'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount

'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount

'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount

— Attaches & releases your smartphone with one touch
— Mounts to any flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded surface
— Attaches to more than just the car; use on a desk or wall
— Easily rotates & swivels 360 degrees
— Sleek & clean design
— Installs in less than a minute
— Washable & reusable suction cup
— Works w/ a wide-range of devices

Buy Today: $18.75 (Usually $29.95)

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser ($119, Usually $129)

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

— Engineered using patent-pending fluid & gas technology to enhance the flavor and taste of beer
— Works with all beer styles, ipa’s, pilsners, brown ales, stouts, porters, lagers, etc.
— Does not require gas, chemicals or proprietary parts
— Powered by just 4 standard AA batteries, not included
— Compatible with 12 to 25oz cans and 12oz. Bottles

Buy Today: $119

The Ford Bronco And Ranger Are FINALLY Returning!!

2020 Ford Bronco


After years of rumors that the Ford Bronco (and Ranger mid-size truck) will be returning to production, earlier this week Ford finally announced when the Bronco is coming back. It’s official, in just a few short years we’ll be able to purchase the car O.J. Simpson once drove during the world’s most infamous police car chase. For details on when the Bronco and Ranger will be released you can follow the link above or below!

Details Here!

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