This Insane High-Tech Tiny House Only Cost $77,000 To Build And Is Perfect For Living Off-The-Grid

Sooo… I’ve become kind of obsessed with tiny houses. Over the weekend I posted about a custom-made tiny home that costs $79,000. This one from Living Big In A Tiny House just took the crown in my book. It was constructed and designed by former carpenter and boat builder Jeff Hobbs, who runs New Zealand tiny home builder Room to Move. It’s completely solar powered and a wood-stove provides water heating for showers. The 600-watt solar system generates enough electricity to power the house along with “run a load of washing in a normal, domestic washing machine,” according to Treehugger.

It cost $77,000 to build. Apparently that’s high for most tiny homes, but hell — sure beats being married to a mortgage for 30 years.


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