This Whiskey Tasting Set From Peugeot Is The Perfect Way To Taste Rare Bourbons And Whiskeys

Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set

Acquiring rare whiskey is a pretty difficult task and after going through all that effort it would be a shame to drink it out of a cheap whiskey glass. Just like most whiskey lovers I know, I have good whiskey glasses and then I have the good whiskey glasses that I bust out for special tastings. I wanted to put the world-class Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set on your radar today because it’s certainly a worthy purchase for anyone out there who appreciates fine and rare whiskeys.

This Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set has been scientifically engineered to hold back the ‘alcohol burn’ while unlocking the aroma of your whiskey. Thanks to this unique construction, it’s also ideal for tasting fine Rums, Armagnac, Cognac, and other rare spirits.

Easily the wildest aspect of this Whiskey Tasting Set is the Metal Chilling Base it comes with. The base is capable of chilling your whiskey to a temperature of 45°F in just a few minutes and it does this without any ice dillution. For anyone out there who has ever been put off by the ‘taste’ of whiskey stones, this is a perfect solution. Compared to a lot of the high-end whiskey glasses out there this one is very affordable at just $40.

Let’s check it out:

Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set

Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set

Additional features of the Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set inclue:

— Purpose-designed glass shape captures alcohol burn while releasing aroma

— Metal base chills spirits without watering them down

— Thick black coaster adds another layer of style

— Ideal for enjoying whiskies, bourbons, Cognacs, dark rums, and aged tequilas

If you want to elevate your whiskey drinking experience with this Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set you can follow that link or click the ‘shop now’ button below and pick it up on Huckberry today!


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