New Jersey Bros Create A Tool That Turns A Beer Can Into A Pint Glass And It’s Already Raised Over $100,000 On Kickstarter


Draft Top

Every couple weeks, an enterprising Bro creates a new invention to improve every Bro’s favorite weekend activity: Drinking beer. Remember Slip Cup? Or Mountain Pong? Or The Boozie? Or The Sabertooth for shotgunning beers? Built out of entrepreneurism and the common goal of getting drunk and rich, these Bro inventions are proof that the American Dream in 2015 is alive and well on Kickstarter.

The most recent one to fall on our radar is The Draft Top (tagline: (“Drink Topless”), a cool tool that turns beer cans into pint glasses by popping the entire top off the can. The Kickstarter campaign is already fully-funded with over $100,000 after this video showing off its capacity went viral on Foodbeast:

Here’s an explanation of the product, in the words of the New Jersey Bro who thought of this thing:

We are Sean and Armand, the creators of Draft Top. We designed this tool simply because we love beer. As Hopheads we understand the passion and the artistry that goes into each barrel. We love beer so much that we want everyone to enjoy it the way the brewer intended. From the brewery to the beer-geek, cans are the ideal vessels for maintaining the integrity of the beer because they prevent oxygen and light from reaching the brew. However, when opened, their small mouth doesn’t allow the beer’s aroma to be enjoyed, essentially cutting out a major part of your flavor senses. Hence the perception that beer in cans tastes like aluminum. By removing the top, this device releases the flavor and improves the overall experience of each can.

In other words, it makes your beer look like this:



Do I need this for beer drinking on Sunday Fundays? Hell no. But would it be a fun, gimmicky party novelty to show off to friends in some stadium parking lot? Hell yes. And over 1,815 backers on Kickstarter agree with me.

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