Two Bro Geniuses Finally Created Working Golf Balls That Double As Shot Glasses

This is one of those genius Bro ideas I can totally get behind. Everyone knows you golf a better round after your third (or fourth… or fifth) drink. Not every course is BYOB, however, and clubhouse beers can get expensive. Since keeping a bag of liquor in your golf bag is a must, these Bros created a real golf ball that  you can drive and do shots out of.

It’s called Golf Shots. Each ball contains a 1.5oz shot and it comes in packs of three per sleeve. Since Golf Shots orders just launched today, you can use the discount code LAUNCH10 at checkout to receive 10% off your entire first order. It ensures you’ll always have an excuse to go round-for-round the next time you’re on the course.

Need these in my life before the spring ASAP.




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