Anyone Who Wears These Two-Toned Fraternity Collection Shirts Should Be Institutionalized

by 4 years ago


I’ve never heard of Fraternity Collection before today, but for some reason one of our other editors followed them on our Twitter page and that caused me to stumbled upon their latest tweet. I saw their name and it intrigued me. I thought they could be a company who might have some (buzzword coming in 3…2…1) synergy with our brand. So I decided to check their site out. Huge fuckin’ mistake. Haven’t made a mistake this big since Saturday night when I said “nice to meet you” to a girl I used to work with and completely didn’t recognize. (Hot Tip: always say, “good to see you.” It’ll save you on the embarrassment.)

Now, I’m no tastemaker or fashion guru, but these two-toned button down shirts that are being hawked by the people at Fraternity Collection are reprehensible. Their whole collection of rags doesn’t sit well with me, but the two-toned bee-dees are inexcusably awful. GHASTLY, I say.

What I want to know is: are they actually selling these? I know they are attempting it, but do people buy them? If so, WHO? SHOW YOURSELVES!

Maybe I’m off base and out-of-touch. Maybe these two-toners are the hottest shit money can buy for the Bro who frats his dick off on the reg. Speaking of money, for the paltry sum of $88 you, too, can cloak yourself in a loose-fit, multi-colored button down. Match them with your extreme-pleated chinos, like this fellow below.


Dashing, isn’t he?

To be clear, this isn’t just my opinion. Everyone in our office, men and women alike, agree that these are ridiculous, outrageously priced, and should only be worn in jest. Are we wrong? Do two-toned button downs make the collegiate panties drop?

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