Get The Best Shave You’ve Had In Years With Ursa Major’s ‘Stellar Shave Cream’

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

Think back to the very first time you shaved your face. Your dad or older brother was probably there, or you snuck into dad’s bathroom to use his razor and shaving cream.

If you’re like me, you used some janky ass shaving cream that was in a bottle that looked like the one Newman used to smuggle those dinosaur embryos out of Jurassic Park. The Barbasol or whatever it was called was some serious foam but didn’t necessarily provide the smoothest shave. That didn’t matter though because you were like 10 years old and didn’t even have facial hair to begin with.

Flash forward to adulthood and shaving is a VERY different experience. You need a smooth shaving cream what won’t irritate your skin. It should be firm enough to loosen the bristles of hair so you can get a clean shave right at the follicle. And if you’re like me then you want it to smell good…That’s where the Stellar Shave Cream by Ursa Major comes into play.

The Stellar Shave Cream by Ursa Major is made with 98.7% natural ingredients. You apply it by hand (no horse hair brush needed). And it’s clinically designed to provide a close, clean, and nick-free shave. The natural ingredients include Aloe, Birch, and Sunflower. All of which are great for your skin and smell great.

You can pick up your tube today by following the link below. It’s an ideal gift if you want to TREAT YO SELF or pick up a gift for a relative.


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