The Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven Is A Straight-Up Game Changer For Pizza Lovers

Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

I’ve been reading about the Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven for the past year but last weekend I got one for my birthday and I’m here to tell you bros that it’s a game-changer. Living in NYC for nearly a decade turned me into a bit of a pizza snob, especially when it comes to the crap that passes as pizza down here in Florida. With the Uuni 3, I was able to whip up legitimate Neapolitan style pizzas in 90 seconds.

I first came across the Uuni Wood-Fire Pizza Oven on Instagram a while back in the form of Instagram Ads and I clicked through to see what it’s all about, that’s when I got hooked. Last weekend, I did a trial run on Saturday and made one pizza and then on Sunday I cooked 9 pizzas for my extended family. It only takes 90 seconds to fully cook each pizza by using wood-fire pellets. You can buy these pellets (for cheap) online or at Home Depot, they’re the same pellets you use in a pellet smoker so I already had them on hand. It takes under two minutes between pizzas to get the oven back up to temperature and holy crap does it get hot…Over 900-degrees Fahrenheit.

Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

Here’s what’s new and included with the Uuni 3 wood-fire pizza oven:

— Insulated body reaches and maintains the max temperature more efficiently
— Improved wood pellet burner enables better temperature control and consistent cooking
— Three legs instead of four for stability on any surface
— Chimney clip makes it easier than ever to pack up and move
— At only 29.5 lbs, the UUNI is ready for travel to steal the show at your next picnic or campout
— Runs on energy-dense and inexpensive wood pellets, a sustainable energy source that’s readily available from the grocery or hardware store
— Easy to start and reaches 932°F in as little as 10 minutes
— Once the Uuni reaches 932°F cooks 13” pizzas in just 60 seconds
— Great for anything that enjoys a short cooking time – steaks, vegetables, flatbreads and fish in addition to pizza

If you’re serious about pizza then you owe it to yourself to at least click through and learn more about the Uuni 3 wood-fire pizza oven because this is the type of product that will immediately improve your life.


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