Put A Victorinox SwissCard In Your Pocket And Always Be Prepared

victorinox swisscard

Carrying a Swiss Army Knife means a man is prepared for anything, especially all the questions that come with carrying a knife around. Most of the questions come from airport security, co-workers and anyone else freaked out by the fact you’re carrying a “knife” around. It’s 2017 and people are on high alert.

Instead of a knife, why not a SwissCard? It’s got everything a knife does without all the questions.

A Reddot design award winner for design quality, innovation in form and function, the Victorinox 53333 SwissCard Lite boasts 13 tools including letter opener/blade, scissors, rulers, tweezers, magnifying glass, straight pin, pressurized ball point pen and Phillips screwdrivers.

It’s precision crafted in Switzerland and comes with lifetime warranty without the lifetime of questions.


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