You Can Charge Your iPhone By Jacking Off With Pornhub’s New Wearable Technology Called ‘The Wankband’

by 4 years ago

Alexa has Pornhub listed as the 75th most popular website in the world, and I’m willing to bet if you’re reading this sentence right now you’ve surfed the hub. There’s an awful lot of time spent each day browsing Pornhub, and a ridiculous amount of energy expended browsing that site. So in order to recycle energy and do their part for the good of the planet, Pornhub is releasing ‘The Wankband’, a piece of wearable technology that will allow you to charge your gadgets, and which ‘generates power by motion’…aka, man power via jerking off.

So how does it work? Well, the wearable device contains a valve that generates AND stores energy as the weight attached to the valve moves in an up and down motion. Here it is in action:

They claim that The Wankband is 100% unisex, and works equally as well for women as it does for men. So the jacking-generation of electricity is not restricted to just the jerkin of your gherkin.

As Pornhub states, with this wearable device “the power is now in your hand.” So it’s time for you bros to do your part, pick up a Wankband and get to the getting! And while could be some elaborate joke on the part of Pornhub, if this is real they’re truly going to have a game-changer on their hands….


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