Get Swole At Home With This Durable Weight Set That’s 40% Right Now

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A gym can be an intimidating place for newbies. For those people who get freaked out, or just grossed out, by working out in public, a home gym is the way too go.

A home gym doesn’t have to have thousands of dollars of equipment to be effective, just a good set of weights, a bench, and music blasting so loud it shakes the foundation of the house. This 110-Pound Cap Weight Set is perfect for the home, apartment, dorm or jail cell and it’s 40% off right now on Amazon. 

CAP’s RSG-110T- 110 lb barbell weight set includes 1 x 5′ standard bar, 2 x standard dumbbell handles, 6 x 2.5 lb, 6 x 5 lb and 4 x 10 lb plates. 4 spinlock collars included as well. Plates are made of solid cast iron. Bars are made of steel. The ideal set for home use. Dumbbell handles and plates can be used for various arm exercises while the 5′ bar and plates can be used for overall strengthening and sculpting of all muscle groups.

Now that you’ve got the weights all figured out, let’s work on those speakers.

Buy It Here: $89.99

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