What To Wear With On Running’s The Roger Advantage Sneakers

When Roger Federer left Nike for Swiss company On Running, many were unsure how his new sponsorship would play out.

Fast forward to now, and Federer is making waves in the footwear space with his signature On Roger Advantage sneaker. They’re lightweight, crisp, and sporty design has given a breath of fresh air to those who want to try out new footwear brands.

Much of the shoe’s success is thanks to On’s high-quality construction of their footwear. Using their own technology to make The Roger breathable and cushioned, they’ve been able to uphold functionality while adding their own flair of style.

The Roger Advantage by On Running

The Roger Advantage comes in many different colors, but what you’ll find is the sneaker is predominantly white. The only changes are accents and details of the shoe—like the heel and tongue.

We’re going with the White/Gray pair so we can match more colors with it. Today, we’re pairing The Roger with this exclusive Olive Twill Faherty Brand hoodie and sweatpants combo.

This outfit is great for those Sunday afternoons and late-night grocery runs during the week.

To round it out, we’re going with an Almond color tee from Forty Five, and a sleek silver cuff from Hugo Boss—every man should have a silver or gold cuff to wear as an accessory.

Check out all of today’s What to Wear below!

Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Hoodie

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Forty Five Supima Crew Tee

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Faherty Brand Legend Sweatpant

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BOSS Silver Brodie Cuff Bracelet

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On The Roger Advantage

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