Elevate Your Home Bar Experience With These Top Shelf Whiskey Glasses

whiskey glasses gifts for men

It truly is a waste of quality whiskey if you are drinking it out of a plastic Solo Cup and not using an expertly-crafted rocks glass that has been built for the express purpose of unlocking the whiskey’s nuance and depth. Without the best whiskey glasses out there you aren’t getting the full experience, and you are leaving flavor left untapped. That’s why I have hand-picked these five excellent whiskey glasses for you gentlemen to choose from, rocks tumblers that are perfect for drinking Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and other spirits.

First up is the Whiskey Peaks ‘Mt. Everest’ which comes in a set of 2. This set usually retails for $30 but it’s on sale right now for only $19. They have other handmade mountain options but I love the Mt. Everest glass because of how striking that particular mountain peak is. This is made from 100% lead-free handblown glass.

whiskey glasses gifts for men

The Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set has been scientifically engineered to hold back the ‘alcohol burn’ while unlocking the aroma of your whiskey. Thanks to this unique construction, it’s also ideal for tasting fine Rums, Armagnac, Cognac, and other rare spirits. The wildest aspect of this Whiskey Tasting Set is the Metal Chilling Base it comes with. The base is capable of chilling your whiskey to a temperature of 45°F in just a few minutes and it does this without any ice dilution.

The Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler is widely accepted to be one of the best rocks glasses ever made. It’s certainly not cheap, on sale right now it is $40 instead of $55. What makes this tumbler so special is the ‘innovative chevron pattern on the bottom of the interior provides a superior muddling surface’, unlocking more flavor than the competition. This also has a fantastic weight in the hand. You really feel the weight of the glass in a meaningful way. Honestly, this one is fantastic but I get not wanting to spend $40 on a glass.

whiskey glasses gifts for men

The Vicara Cerne Tumblers come in a set of 2. What I love about this set isn’t just how the handblown glass is shaped using natural carob wood molds but how the final look makes them an excellent decoration. When you aren’t drinking out of these they look spectacular on your bar because they’re unique in a way that’s rarely seen. Each of these glasses handblown in Portugal.

Last up is the Islay Tumbler & Walnut Coaster which also comes in a set of 2. These are handmade in Poland and the heavy-bottom glasses have a gorgeous modern aesthetic while maintaining the classic style you want for sipping world-class Single Malt. The glasses come with solid walnut wood coasters which are meant as a nod to the cask-aging process of scotch.

Let’s look at all of these whiskey glasses one more time with links to purchase below:

whiskey glasses gifts for men

  1. Whiskey Peaks Mt. Everest (Set of 2) [$19, usually $30]
  2. Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set [$40]
  3. Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler [$41]
  4. Vicara Cerne Tumblers (Set of 2) [$55]
  5. Islay Tumbler & Walnut Coaster (Set of 2) [$65]


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