WhiSki Poles Are High-Performance Ski Poles AND The Coolest Flasks On Earth

whiski pole flasks

Winter is here and for many, the slopes are calling. If you’re a skier then you without a doubt, 1000% need WhiSki Poles.

What are WhiSki Poles?

WhiSki Poles are high-performance, affordable ski poles for the booze-loving ski junky. The team behind WhiSki Poles partnered with an industry leading ski pole manufacturer to ensure the poles’s premium alloy construction are strong, light, and reliable on the slopes. And of course, what makes WhiSki Poles so special, their USA engineering designed to  hold up to 8 ounces of liquid in a single pole.

whiski poles flask design

Where to use WhiSki Poles?

I mean, anywhere. But WhiSki Poles are most appreciated on the slopes. In fact, they’re engineered to be easy open with gloves so you can keep the whiskey sweater (it’s the sweater you wear on the inside) on with out risking your hand to the bite or cold air.

ski gloves flask

Of course, don’t rule out WhiSki Poles in the lodge after a day on the mountain or while you’re enjoying a post-ski hot tub dip. WhiSki Poles are perfect anywhere a bump of booze can be enjoyed and appreciated, which is anywhere if you try hard enough.

whiski poles

Right now, WhiSki Poles are being funded and supported on Kickstarter. You can pledge just $89 for a WhiSki Pole or $169 for a pair, which is $40-45 off the retail price for WhiSki Poles.

Check out their awesome project on Kickstarter:



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